Capable 21C Knowledgebase


KB-Adding Images

Capable 21C supports an imaging system that allows scanned images, photos or other visual content to be attached to a patient/client file.   This article describes how to attach the images and/or files.

KB-Advanced Query Family Mailmerges The Capable 21C Advanced Query feature can produce mailing labels automatically, but it cannot produce Family mailing labels automatically.  This knowledgebase article explains alternative ways to produce the desired style of Family labels.
KB-Aligning times on 3 monthly schedules

3 monthly printed schedules include the time of appointment inside the box for the day.  The vertical alignment of this time can be adjusted to get the best results on different printers.  This knowledgebase article explains how to adjust the vertical alignment of the time.

KB-Altering Referral Sources Capable 21C has the ability to record where a new patient/client was referred from.  This 'referral source' can either be a simple phrase (eg Advertising, Yellow Pages, etc), or can identify another person (eg a referring practitioner, or another patient/client).  This knowledgebase article describes how to customise the list of referral sources available.
KB-Appointment Book Come Back to Today

When an appointment is made, Capable 21C can automatically return the appointment book to today for further processing.   However, if Capable 21C returns to today, but not to the correct time, this article may be of use.

KB-Appointment Book Completely greyed out

Under some circumstances, Capable 21C can alter the appearance of the appointment book so that all shifts are completely greyed out.  This can also result in existing appointments being pushed aside (to the right) making it appear as though they have disappeared.  This knowledgebase article discusses the causes for this problem, and how to fix it.

KB-Appointment Book Printing Features Capable 21C supports a number of features to enhance the appearance of the printed appointment book.  This article describes those features.
KB-Appointment Flags Capable 21C supports the notion of an appointment flag that allows an operator to flag an appointment.  This flag has no impact on the behaviour of Capable 21C other than that described in this knowledgebase article.  It can be useful to support an office's internal processes.
KB-Appointment Types on New Appointments

Capable 21C uses certain logic to determine what appointment type to automatically select on new appointments made during receipting.  Understanding this logic will help the office to configure Capable 21C to meet their needs more closely.

KB-Assigning different printer trays to practitioners

Capable 21C has the ability to print invoices and receipts from different printer trays depending on which practitioner rendered the services or products.  The article describes how to configure this feature.

KB-Assistance Alerts.asp Capable 21C has the ability to highlight patient/client files that require special attention during the invoicing/treatment process.  This mechanism is called 'Assistance Alerts'.  There are a variety of assistance alerts that Capable 21C can produce automatically, and manual alerts can be keyed by operators.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to configure these alerts.
KB-Automate Backups with Memory Sticks

Capable Software does not support any particular backup devices, media or tools.   However, it is highly recommended that each office instigate some form of regular (eg daily) backup regime to protect their data.   This article describes one possible way to automate a Capable 21C data backup using a memory stick.

KB-Backups This knowledgebase article describes simple steps to backup Capable 21C to an external storage device.
KB-Balance Private and Insurance Payments1 This sequence of videos show how to balance insurance and private payments to ensure that insurance statements print correctly.
KB-Barcode Readers for Product Sales   Capable 21C can support barcode readers for product sales.  This allows an office to use a barcode reader to add products to an invoice during the normal invoicing procedure.  This knowledgebase article describes how to enable and exploit this feature.
KB-Batch production of M47 Claims   Capable 21C has the ability to produce M47/ACC47 claims en masse.  It can also produce these as a batch so that when a payment advice is received from ACC, it can be processed quickly and easily.  This knowledgebase article explains how to do this.
KB-Birthday Lists

If birthday lists appear to have no patients/clients on them, there are a number of possible causes.   Each of these are described in this article.

KB-Blank Receipts

If Capable 21C prints two receipts instead of one occasionally, with the second receipt being mostly blank, this knowledgebase article may help.   Also, if Capable 21C previews receipts with information missing (such as payment information), this article may help.

KB-Cancellation List Capable 21C supports the concept of a cancellation list.  This feature can be used when a patient/client desires an appointment on a particular date, but when no appointment slots are available on that date.  This knowledgebase article describes how to enable and use the cancellation list feature.
KB-Capable 21C Startup This informational article describes what happens when Capable 21C starts.
KB-Care Plans This series of knowledge videos explain how to configure and use Care Plans.
KB-Case Sensitivity.asp  If a patient/client's name has been keyed into the system in the wrong case (eg michael sMith), it can be difficult to correct the problem.  This knowledgebase article explains why and what to do about it.
KB-Cashing Up and Banking Slips

Capable 21C tracks the figures for a shift independently of the figures produced for banking slips.  This can be convenient as takings are rarely banked after every shift.  However, it can raise some confusion situations if the banking needs to be prepared in the middle of a shift.  This article discusses how Capable 21C tracks shift figures and banking figures.

KB-Cash up misses payments Sometimes, an afternoon Cash Up may appear to be excluding payments that can be confirmed to have been received during the afternoon shift.  This knowledgebase article explains why this might happen, how to fix it, and what to do to prevent it from re-occurring.
KB-Change the appearance of names

Capable 21C has the ability to display patient/client names in a number of different formats.  This knowledgebase article describes how to configure this feature.

KB-Cheques and Banking Slips Review this knowledgebase video to see how to ensure that all cheques appear on banking slips correctly.
KB-Combination Appointments

Capable 21C supports the ability to make combination appointments (eg Massage Therapy for one provider and a Spinal Adjustment for another provider). It links these appointments together so that they can be moved as a group and invoiced as a group. This article describes how to setup and use combination appointments.

KB-Compact and Repair Database

Capable 21C relies on the Microsoft Jet Database technology to store patient information.  This engine stores data in a single file, that can become fragmented under normal use of Capable 21C, and can become damaged in the event of an unexpected shutdown (or loss of connection in a network).  This article describes how to use Microsoft Office Access™ to compact and repair the database to reduce fragmentation and repair any potential data damage.

KB-Compliance Warnings Capable 21C has the ability to generate warnings for operators when they attempt to book an appointment for patient/client with a questionable compliance record.  This knowledgebase article discusses this feature and explains how to use it.
KB-Configure Special Appointment Symbols Capable 21C can display special symbols to indicate significant issues to do with appointments.  An overview of this feature can be found in Fundamental Training 2.  This knowledgebase article explains how to enable and configure these features.
KB-Configuring Maximum Security

Capable 21C supports a security feature that allows different operators to have different levels of access to the Capable 21C functionality.  This knowledgebase article describes how to configure Capable 21C for maximum security.

KB-Configuring Reminders Capable 21C has powerful features for generating reminders to help patients/clients comply with their booked appointments.  This knowledgebase article explains how to configure these features.
KB-Configuring Semi Relaxed Security

Capable 21C supports a security feature that allows different operators to have different levels of access to the Capable 21C functionality.  Whilst this allows very high levels of security, some offices do not want to mandate that their staff should have to key passwords every time they want to make an appointment.  This article describes how to configure Capable 21C with tight security around high risk functions, but relaxed security around the day to day functions.

KB-Consolidate and archive Some customers may notice a degradation in performance after Live Updating to versions of Capable 21C above 1.5.550.  This knowledgebase article offers a solution to customers which increases the performance of Capable 21C
KB-Create One Off Letters This knowledge video shows how to create one off letters for use with Microsoft Word(TM).
KB-Credits on Statement Runs

If patients have credits, they may or may not be included on statement runs.   Capable 21C is configurable to include or exclude these patients.   This article describes how to configure Capable 21C to suit the office’s requirements.

KB-Custom Tracking Queries Capable 21C has the ability to use native SQL Queries to produce lists of patients/clients for tracking.  This knowledgebase article explains how to use this feature.
KB-Customise Clinical Findings Forms

Capable 21C supports a powerful system for the recording and reproduction of clinical findings.   The system is based upon a series of numerically coded entries that a practitioner can select and quickly assemble into a complete report of findings.   This article describes how to customize those components to support any individual office’s requirements.

Customise Fee Types

Capable 21C supports the notion that an individual service (or product) may be charged at different rates for Adults, Students, Pensioners, Children, etc.  This concept also forms the basis for Capable 21C's system of charging differing rates for services funded by third parties (such as Veteran's Affairs).  This knowledgebase article describes how to customise the list of fee types.
KB-Debit Journals

Occasionally, Capable 21C will show too much credit on a patient/client file.   This may be due to untrusted data converted from another system, or because a payment was processed in error.   This article explains what procedure to follow to remove excess credit from a patient/client file.

KB-Debtors Summary Options Capable 21C has the ability to print a debtors summary, listing each person's outstanding balance.  This knowledgebase article discusses some settings that control which people are included on the report, and what is printed for each of them.
KB-Deceased Patients.asp Whilst Capable 21C has a flag that can be set to indicate that a patient is deceased, this knowledgebase article includes a simple procedure that will ensure that no further literature goes to the patient by accident.
KB-Default Product Sales to One Practitioner Capable 21C v1.5.625 and later has the ability to default all product sales to a particular practitioner.  This knowledgebase article describes how to enable and configure this feature.
KB-Deleting Practitioners From time to time, an office may need to remove a practitioner that has previously been added to Capable 21C.  This may because the practitioner no longer works at the office, or if the practitioner was accidentally added in error.  This article describes how to remove the practitioner.
KB-Diagnose Invoices with incorrect amounts This knowledge video explains how to diagnose invoices that open up with the wrong invoice amount showing.
KB-Diagnose Network Database Damage In a network environment, intermittent failures of the network can cause damage to the Capable 21C database.  This can be difficult to diagnose if the network only fails for short periods of time.  This knowledgebase article describes how to perform some of this diagnosis.
KB-Electronic ACC Claiming  It is possible to exploit facilities made available by New Zealand's Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) to submit claims electronically.  This removes the need for any paper based submissions, and speeds payment significantly.  This knowledgebase article explains how to configure and use this service.
KB-E-mail All Patients

Capable 21C does not currently support a direct interface for automatically e-mailing patients/clients as there are a large number of e-mail packages available, and it would need to support a wide variety of them.   However, it does provide the ability to record patient/client e-mail addresses, and it is relatively simple to extract the e-mail addresses so that an e-mail can be transmitted.   This article describes how to e-mail all patient/clients.

KB-Environmental Testing Some offices may wish to operate Capable 21C in a different environment that has not been formally tested or endorsed by Capable Software Pty Ltd.  Whilst this is unsupported by Capable Software Pty Ltd, this knowledgebase article describes some tests that can provide an office a level of confidence that Capable 21C will operate in alternative environments.
KB-Excess Credit reported when invoicing When invoicing a patient/client, Capable 21C may report that there is excess credit assigned to an older visit.  This knowledgebase article explains why this happens, and the implications of either allowing or disallowing Capable 21C to re-assign the credit.
KB-Extended notes on appointment book Capable 21C has the ability to display extended notes on the appointment book for visits with a duration longer than a single slot.  This knowledgebase article describes how to access and add these notes.

Capable 21C supports the ability to invoice families all together, and also to make appointments (from an invoice) all together, and also to move appointments for families all together. This article describes how to take advantage of this feature.

KB-Family Prepayments There are several ways to enter pre-payments into Capable 21C, and some features that track payments by family, rather than by the individual. This knowledgebase article explores prepayment options where a family is involved.
KB-Fingerprint Recognition

Capable 21C supports fingerprint recognition devices that are compliant with the Griaule interface. These devices can be used to simplify patient/client check-in, and can provide a friendly interface to the patient/client welcoming them to the office.

KB-Fingerprint Scanner Tuning Review this video to learn more about fingerprint scanning and how to tune Capable 21C to recognise fingerprints more accurately.
KB-Formulas for Detailed Appt Book Stats.asp The Detailed Appointment Book Statistics Report shows a number of figures that are calculated.  Without a knowledge of the formulas used, these figures may appear to be wrong or misleading.  This knowledgebase article explains the formulas used to calculate the values.
KB-Gap Fees

Many offices conduct insurance claims on behalf of their patients/clients.   Whilst this is a good service to offer to patients/clients, it also carries a substantive financial accounting overhead.   This article is intended to help offices that experience some challenges with insurers that pay less than the amount that the office would normally charge.

KB-Graphs Require MSCAL The Capable 21C graphin feature uses Microsoft Excel to display information from the Capable 21C database in a graphical format. In order to make these graphs flexible, it exploits a calendar feature that is available with Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, the calendar is not automatically loaded with all versions of Excel. If it is absent, the graphs will not function until it has been loaded. This knowledgebase article discusses how to download and install the necessary calendar component.
KB-GST Reporting Some offices sell products and/or services that attract GST (or VAT).  To see how to report on the GST amounts, watch this video.
KB-GST-VAT Calculations.asp This knowledgebase article explains how to calculate an office's GST liability for any BAS period.
KB-Hardware Requirements This knowledgebase article discusses the minimum hardware specifications to operate Capable 21C successfully in a variety of environments.
KB-Hardware Recommendations for Paperless

Offices typically need to purchase additional hardware when they migrate to a paperless environment.  As a minimum, it typically involves PCs in the treatment areas, where prior to going paperless, only one PC in the reception area is sufficient.  This knowledgebase article discusses some of the hardware considerations when taking an office paperless.

KB-Hide invalid Appointment Types By default, Capable 21C disables appointment types that should not be chosen for a particular practitioner.  However, it is possible to configure Capable 21C to hide these appointment types instead of just disabling them.  This knowledgebase article describes how to do this, and potential issues that may arise as a result.
KB-How Capable 21C calculates Fees

Capable 21C uses a complex algorithm to determine what fee to charge for any particular service or product.   This algorithm has changed over time.   This article explains how Capable 21C determines the default fee to display on an invoice/receipt.

KB-How to check SMS Credit Level Capable 21C has the ability to check the number of SMS Credits remaining when the SMS Account is with Capable Software Pty Ltd.  This knowledgebase article explains how to do so.
KB-Identify Practitioner used on Receipt It can be difficult to establish which practitioner was used to record a transaction on a past receipt.  This knowledgebase article describes how to do this.
KB-Imported Patients are archived When importing patient/client demographics into Capable 21C, the imported patients are always archived.  This knowledgebase article explains the rationale behind this design condition.

KB-Improve performance for registering new patients

When a patient is first entered into Capable 21C, they are normally assigned a case number that begins with NP. This is known as a temporary case number.  Capable 21C automatically determines the number using two different formulas.  This article describes how to choose which formula should be used by Capable 21C - thereby optimising performance of the function that determines the new temporary case number.
KB-Improve Performance in a network

Capable 21C is designed to be operated either on a single PC or in a network environment. When operated in a network environment, the underlying data is stored on one PC, and the other PCs retrieve and update the information through the network. This knowledgebase article describes steps that can be taken to improve the performance and responsiveness of Capable 21C in a network environment.

KB-Installing and migrating to a new PC

Occasionally, due to a hardware failure, or equipment replacement, it may be necessary to migrate the Capable 21C installation to a new PC.   This article describes the procedure to complete this requirement.

KB-Install Capable at home Some clinic owners require the facility of having a copy of the clinic’s database on their home pc. This article describes the procedure to complete this requirement.
KB-Installing Capable 21C in a network

This article explains how to install Capable 21C into a simple networked environment (eg several PCs in a single site with a network, but no server).   It refers to some concepts related to Windows XP networking, and a basic understanding of networking principles is assumed.

KB-Installing CrossLoop Capable Software Technical Support uses a range of Remote Control facilities to support customer sites.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to install one of these known as CrossLoop.
KB-Insurance Statements

If Insurance Statements are printing incorrectly (too many visits appear on the statement, and there are payments on the file that should be covering them), refer to this article.

KB-Items not in any group an statistical reports When a statistical report is produced, it may include a section entitled 'Items not in any group'.  This knowledgebase article explains what these items are, and how they can occur.
KB-Last digit of phone lost on calendars

When Capable 21C prints a calendar (eg schedule of visits), it can print information about the office, including the office phone number.  Due to limitations in printers and printer drivers, at some sites the phone number of the office may be cut-off, not showing the last digit of the phone number on the printed calendar.  This article describes how to address this problem.

KB-Limitations with Checked In People

When a person is checked in, their file may be accessed by several operators, particularly in a network environment. There is some risk that one of those operators may attempt to alter the person’s case number whilst another operator is entering data for that person. If this was allowed to happen, some of the data would be linked to the wrong case number, and can result in cross-linked data between two patient/client files. This article describes the features within Capable 21C to prevent this kind of problem.

KB-Listing ACC Patients

Capable 21C has the capacity to produce very specific lists of patients. This knowledgebase article discusses how to get a list of patients who have been invoiced for insurance services in a given period.

KB-Live Update from another site

Some offices do not have (or do not wish to have) an internet connection.   This can make Live Updates for that site somewhat problematic.   This article describes a procedure that will allow an office to perform a Live Update at another location that does have an internet connection, and then copy the necessary files to update the site that does not have the internet connection.

Live update from very old versions Customers may have not performed a Live Update for quite some time.  If they do Live Update after a long break, there may be many new features, and specific questions that need to be answered after Capable 21C starts on the new version.  This knowledgebase article discusses these issues.
KB-Live Update Procedure.asp Capable 21C includes features to easily download and install new versions of itself via a technology called Live Updates.  This knowledgebase article describes the recommended procedure that an office should follow when attempting to perform a Live Update.
KB-Live Update rejects password

Before Capable 21C attempts to perform a Live Update, it attempts to contact the Live Update server using the username and password provided by the user to ensure that they are correct.   If the system is unable to connect, it reports the error to the user.   This article helps to explain some other possible causes of the failure to connect.

KB-Live Updates

Capable 21C uses a complex algorithm to update all computers in a networked environment.   This article describes that process.   Note that some of the terminology and explanations in this article are more advanced and require a basic understanding of files, file date stamps, copying files, file versions and the windows registry.

KB-Mail Merges with Ghost

The underlying Capable 21C database is a Microsoft Access database, and as such is highly accessible for Mail Merges.   Custom mail merges can be generated by creating custom queries that select subsets of the entire patient/client database, however, Capable Software does not recommend the creation of custom queries in the Capable database file.   It is possible to create custom queries in a Ghost database (available from Capable Software for free), and then link mail merges to that Ghost database.   This article explains how to do this.

KB-Mail Merges with Last Appointment

Capable 21C ships with a number of generic Microsoft Word ™ documents that can be used for Bring Ups, Recalls, Referees, Birthdays, etc.   A detailed Knowledgebase Article (Mail Merge) exists to help configure these Mail Merge documents.   This article explains how to modify Mail Merge letters so that the date of last appointment can be printed somewhere in the document.

KB-Mail Merges v2.1

If mail merge documents are not printing with Patient/Client data correctly inserted, or for general instructions on how to create new mail merge documents, refer to this article.

KB-Mail Merges 2007 Microsoft Office 2007 (tm) significantly alters the user experience by introducing a completely new user interface.  This means that the step-by-step instructions for earlier versions of MS Office are no longer valid.  This article describes how to perform a mailmerge with Capable 21C using Microsoft Word 2007 (tm).
KB-Make a payment for another date This tutorial shows how to adjust Capable 21C's settings so that a payment can be entered for date other than today.
KB-Managing Image Sizes

Whilst Capable 21C has the ability to store images and documents against patient files, those images and documents can be very large.  This results in rapid consumption of available storage capacity, and also results in poor performance from the image/document viewing functions within Capable 21C.  This article describes how to reduce the size of image files to improve performance.

KB-Manually setting fees

Capable 21C uses a complex algorithm to determine what fees to automatically charge a patient/client for any service.   In most cases, it can determine the correct fee to use, but it also supports a feature to allow operators to manually override the fee and key their own amount.   This article describes how to enable this feature.

KB-Medicare X-ray billing

Medicare Australia now supports payments to chiropractors for X-rays under some circumstances.  Invoicing these X-rays can be problematic, as the patient/client will not be paying for them, and as other services rendered to the patient are not funded by Medicare, it would be problematic to treat each patient/client as an insurance patient/client purely for billing X-rays.  This knowledgebase article describes an alternate strategy for dealing with this challenge.

KB-Microsoft Office 2007.asp Microsoft has significantly altered the structure of documents, databases and spreadsheets in Office 2007.  Further, the appearance of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite is significantly different to previous versions.  This knowledgebase article discusses some of the characteristics of Office 2007 that vary from earlier versions and how to handle them.
KB-Missed Appt Fee Capable 21C has the ability to charge a Missed Appointment Fee if an appointment is missed.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to set this up, and associated considerations.
KB-Mixing Private and Insurance Visits

Some offices will have patients/clients who receive a mix of services; some of which are covered by insurance and others that are not.   This can present a challenge in the production of statements at the end of the month.   This article describes some strategies to deal with this challenge.

KB-Multiple Provider Numbers In some professions, providers have different provider numbers for the different health funds.  Capable 21C has the ability to handle this.  This knowledgebase article explains how to enter multiple provider numbers against any particular provider.
KB-New Patients for statistics In several reports, Capable 21C indicates the number of New Patients seen during the reporting period. This knowledgebase article discusses how Capable 21C calculates the number of New Patients.
KB-Obtain information about old practitioners

When a practitioner leaves the clinic, some offices will be loathe to remove the practitioner from the setup and configuration for fear that historical data for that practitioner may no longer be accessible.   Historical data may be obtained about practitioners that are no longer configured in the system.   This article describes how to obtain that information.

KB-Opening and Closing Shifts

Capable 21C supports the ability to set up standard weekly shift times for each practitioner. These shift times display as white areas on the appointment book, whilst unavailable times display as grey. This knowledgebase article describes how to control and adjust the white and grey areas for office shifts that need to be closed or opened at different times to the normal shifts.

KB-Patient Classifications This knowledge video shows how to turn on and use Capable 21C's patient classifications feature.
KB-Patient or Client file is locked Capable 21C may report that a patient/client file is locked by 'PC Name'.  This knowledgebase article describes what this message means and what to do about it.
KB-Patient-Client Tracking

Capable 21C was designed as a patient/client centric application (rather than an invoice centric package).   This means that a large portion of its functionality is designed around the concept of managing the patient/client lifecycle rather than just the production of an invoice/receipt.   This article explains how Capable 21C’s Patient/Client Tracking features are designed to be configured and used.

KB-Patient Search hides names with apostrophes At some sites, when the patient/client search is activated with a name that includes an apostrophe (eg O'Connor), the actual patients/clients with those surnames may not appear.  This knowledgebase article explains the cause of this problem and how to correct it.
KB-Patients Checked in for Negative Time

When a patient/client is checked in, the Patients Checked In window will display the amount of time that the person has been waiting.  It is possible for this amount of time to be a negative number.  This knowledgebase article explains how this can happen, and how to fix it.

KB-Payments across multiple practitioners

Offices with multiple practitioners (or fee earners) face a variety of challenges, not least of which to do with how the associate practitioners are to be paid.   Many offices elect to pay their associate practitioners based on the revenue that they collect as well as the number of services they render.   In this case, it is critical to the office that all payments are recorded against the correct practitioner.   This article describes how to exploit the features of Capable 21C to ensure that payments are recorded correctly.

KB-Performance Tuning Advanced.asp Capable 21C has many configurable options.  Some of these have a significant impact on system performance.  This knowledgebase article discusses some of the more advanced configuration settings that can be tuned to improve system performance.
KB-Periodic Payment Plans

Some offices offer their patients/clients periodic payment plans whereby they pay a defined amount each month or each year, and then do not pay for specific treatments.   Some offices also cap these plans so that their patients/clients cannot exceed a certain threshold for the services they receive.   This article describes how to configure Capable 21C to support this kind of business process.

KB-PIT Files PIT files are text files that can be sent securely from one medical practitioner to another.  They are typically used to transmit diagnostic reports.  This knowledgebase article discusses PIT files and how to integrate them effectively into Capable 21C.
KB-PODs.asp Capable 21C supports a POD feature that allows practitioners to be grouped together to ease reporting and navigation around the appointment book.  This knowledgebase article discusses the feature and explains how to configure it.
KB-Printers.asp Capable 21C allows the definition of different printer drivers for different types of print jobs.  This allows a lot of flexibility in deciding 'where things print' and 'on what stationery'.  This knowledgebase article discusses these options.
KB-Print Invoices in Landscape To learn how to switch invoice/receipt printing layout to landscape (or portrait), watch this knowledgebase video.
KB-Print Statements by Insurer

Capable 21C is able to produce subsets of the total debtors list to facilitate group mailings.   The total debtors list may be broken up by insurer as well as by other filters.   This article explains how to filter statements by insurer.

KB-Print Tracking Lists in Portrait Normally, Capable 21C prints lists of patient names in landscape mode.  To print the lists in portrait mode, follow this procedure in this video.
KB-Print Visit Notes Whilst Capable 21C maintains electronic records of all aspects of patient/client care, it also has the ability to reproduce this information in hard copy.  This knowledgebase article explains how to print the various components of a patient/client's electronic file.
KB-Printing Barcodes The Capable 21C Stock Control module has the ability to recognise barcodes on products.  In addition, the Workflow Director has the ability to acknowledge patient/client check-in using a barcode reader.  An office may find that they have a need to produce their own barcodes for use with either (or both) of these features.  This knowledgebase article discusses barcodes and how to produce them.
KB-Printing Staff Hours

Capable 21C has the ability to print a report of the hours for each staff member that has worked during the week.  This can be convenient for calculating wages.  The article describes how to configure this feature.

KB-Receipt Opens with No Services If Capable 21C opens an invoice/receipt window with no products or services listed, this knowledgebase article will help in diagnosing the cause of the problem.
KB-Recovering After PC Failure.asp If the main office PC fails for any reason, the ofice may operate for a period of time on a backup or secondary PC.  If this occurs, it may be difficult to re-instate Capable 21C back onto the main PC once it has been repaired.  This article discusses what to do when a PC fails.
KB-Refund for product returned When a product is returned or a service is refunded, follow the procedure described in this video to refund the monies back to the patient/client.
KB-Refund prepaid monies If monies have been prepaid and need to be refunded in cash, follow the procedure described in this video to refund the monies back to the patient/client.
KB-Refunds and Writeoffs

Capable 21C supports the ability to refund services rendered and products sold, and also supports the ability to write off bad debts that are considered unrecoverable.   It is important for operators to understand how these features were designed, and when to use them.   This article explains how they work, and when to use them.

KB-Registering Clients Capable 21C uses a patient/client case number to link information on invoices, appointments and clinical records back to the patient file.  For this reason, the case number is quite significant to the internal workings of Capable 21C.  This knowledgebase article explains how to register a patient (effectively assigning them a case number), and the implications of changing a client's case number.
KB-Reminders and public holidays When a public holiday approaches, an office may wish to send the Reminders the day before the public holiday so that staff do not need to attend the office to transmit reminders on the public holiday. Capable has a feature to handle this situation automatically. This knowledgebase article explains how to enable this feature.
KB-Repair Read Only Database Sometimes a Capable 21C database can become so badly damaged that a compact and repair will not repair it.  If this is the case, follow the instructions in this knowledgebase article.
KB-Reporting on provider activity Capable 21C has the ability to report on the financial activity of any provider over any period of time. This can be useful if the owner of the business wishes to analyse a provider's performance or check the activity of a locum.  This knowledgebase article describes how to produce these kinds of reports.
KB-Restrict Defined Fees Whilst the Capable 21C security system can prevent an operator from changing the fees during invoicing, under the default configuration, it is possible for an operator to change the Defined Fee via Patient Details before invoicing, and manipulate the fee in that manner. This article explains how to prevent this loophole.
KB-Running Two Databases

Capable 21C has the ability to use two databases on the same computer.  This can be convenient if the office wishes to run a training copy as well as a production copy.  It can also be convenient for analyzing databases from two offices on a home PC.  This knowledgebase article explains how to configure a PC to operate this way.

KB-Satellite Clinics

Many offices have a satellite office that is open only one or two days a week. If the two offices are never open at the same time, Capable Software Pty Ltd allows a single license of Capable 21C to be shared between the two offices. If there is ever a time when both offices are open at the same time, a second license is required. This article describes how to setup PCs to optimize the use of Capable 21C when a satellite clinic is involved.

KB-Schedules wont print all appts

When a schedule is printed, Capable 21C automatically determines whether the print the schedule in 3 month format or 12 month format.  In the 12 month format, the boxes for each individual day are quite small and do not permit detailed information about the appointments to be displayed.  To offset this problem, Capable 21C prints a list of the appointments at the bottom of the schedule.  In some cases, not all appointments will be printed at the bottom of the schedule.  This article discusses this problem.

KB-Securing Practitioner Access Capable 21C has the ability to secure an operator's access to different appointment books. This can be useful in multi-modality or multi-practitioner sites where operators (eg practitioners) should only be permitted to see their own appointment book.  This knowledgebase article describes how to configure this feature.
KB-Security Settings for new features

To protect the security settings for all offices, when new features are released by Capable Software, any new menu items are automatically secured to prevent any staff from accessing them. This can cause some confusion for operators who would normally have ‘Total Access’. This knowledgebase article explains how to access new features that are secured in this manner.

KB-Send an SMS Refer to this knowledge video to see how to send an SMS using Capable 21C.
KB-Service Product Splits Capable 21C has the ability to split the price of a service/product combination based on a percentage calculation.  This knowledgebase article describes how to enable and configure this feature.
KB-Setup E-mail Facilities

Capable 21C has the ability to transmit e-mails directly to patients/clients if the office has an internet connection and a POP3 e-mail account. This knowledgebase article describes how to configure Capable 21C to be able to use this feature.

KB-Setup Image Folders Capable 21C has the ability to group images or attached documents into folders.  This knowledgebase article explains how to exploit this feature.
KB-Setup Payment Methods Capable 21C is shipped with the more common payment methods preconfigured.  However, it also has the ability to handle new or custom payment methods.  There are also features to tune up how those payment methods appear and are used by Capable 21C.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to setup payment methods, and how to get the most from Capable 21C by tuning their configuration settings. settings.
KB-Setup Provider Hours This knowledgebase video shows how to configure/change a provider's hours.
KB-Setup SMS Messaging Facilities

Capable 21C supports sending SMS Messages.  To access this service, visit the Capable Software website, follow the links to the SMS Messaging feature, and to purchase a connection and initial credits.  Capable Software Pty Ltd will provide notification when the account has been setup.  Packages of SMS Messages can then be purchased directly from the Capable Software Pty Ltd website.  This article describes how to configure Capable 21C to use the SMS account that has been setup by Capable Software Pty Ltd.

KB-Setup Swipe Cards Capable 21C has the ability to check in patients/clients using a magnetic or barcoded swipe card.  Using a swipe card this way replaces the need for an operator to single click on the patient/client's appointment to check them in.  This knowledgebase article explains how to configure Capable 21C to support a swipe card reader.
KB-Setup Treatment Area Mode

Capable 21C can support different modes of operation to support offices that choose to operate PC’s in their treatment areas and/or waiting areas. These different modes are intended to allow the operator of each PC to readily access the functionality that they require without being encumbered by the functionality that they do not require. This knowledgebase article provides instructions, guidelines and suggestions on how best to implement these features.

KB-Setup Visit Notes Counting features

Capable 21C displays a list of historical visits down the left hand side of the Visit Notes window.  These visits are numbered, with the intention of making it easier for a practitioner to determine where a patient/client is in their current program of care (or when they’re due for some kind of special visit).  There are some configurable settings that alter the way that Capable 21C counts these historical visits.  This article discusses these features and how to configure them.

KB-Setup Visit Notes Defaults

By default, when Capable 21C opens the Visit Notes window, it displays the Vertebral tab.  There are a range of settings that can change this behaviour.  This article describes those settings, and how to change them.

KB-SMS Troubleshooting This knowledgebase article discusses some common problems (and fixes) for SMS Messaging.
KB-Speed up mail merges Capable 21C uses Microsoft Word (tm) for mail merging.  Due to certain factors, this mail merging can be slower than is desirable.  This article describes some options for improving mail merge performance.
KB-SQL Server.asp By default, Capable 21C is shipped with a database in a Microsoft Access (tm) format.  However, it is possible to migrate this data onto a SQL Server for improved stability and performance in larger networks.  This knowledgebase article describes the considerations and challenges in performing this migration.  Some of the information in this document is of a more technical nature.
KB-Statement Balances

As Capable 21C has the capacity to print two different kinds of statements, and these statements include significantly different information, it is possible to produce statements that do not appear to be consistent with the figures that Capable 21C produces on screen. Whilst the system has been deliberately designed this way, it is helpful for an operator to understand how and why this happens. This article explains these components.

KB-Statement Design Features Capable 21C supports a completely customisable invoice/receipt and statement design.  This allows an operator to completely re-design the layout of invoices/receipts and statements.  This knowledgebase article describes some of the more advanced uses of this feature.
KB-Statistical Reports Show non-existent items Capable 21C can produce statistical reports that include service or product names that do no exist in the configuration screens.  This knowledgebase article describes how this can happen, and what to do about it.
KB-Tablet support Capable 21C has been specifically designed to support data entry via a touch screen or tablet PC.  This knowledgebase article discusses some of the considerations when implementing this kind of technology.
KB-To Do List Limitations

Many offices use the To Do List to send messages between operators.   Whilst this feature can be useful, there are limitations to the amount of information that can be keyed into a To Do List item.   This article describes those limits.

KB-Track undelivered SMSes

There are several reasons why an SMS Message might not be delivered.  These include the mobile phone being turned off, or out of radio range.  There are also reasons that are related to the mobile phone carrier that the patient/client is using.  This article describes these reasons, and features within Capable 21C to track and manage undelivered SMS Messages.

KB-Troubleshooting Invalid Filenames Certain features of Capable 21C interact with files either on the workstation PC or on a server computer.  It is possible that these external files can be altered, moved or deleted independently of Capable 21C.  When this happens, Capable 21C may report an 'Invalid Filename' error with a code of 5152, or just code 52.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to diagnose these problems.
KB-Unexpected shutdowns

At times, Capable 21C may be forced to close for a number of possible reasons.   This article describes how to diagnose the difference between these shutdowns, and what reasons each of them indicate.

KB-Uninstalling Capable 21C It may be necessary to uninstall Capable 21C at some stage.  This knowledgebase article describes how to uninstall Capable 21C and what considerations to make when doing so.
KB-Unmissed Appointments

Once an appointment has been flagged as missed, there is a simple procedure to reactivate the appointment if the patient arrives late.   This article explains the procedure.

Upload database NOW Use this tool to upload the office database immediately.
KB-Using Capable 21C Automated Backups Capable 21C has the ability to perform an automated backup to the Capable Software website.  This video explains how to use this feature if the customer has a paid up subscription to this service.
KB-Using Capable 21C Remotely It is possible to configure PC's so that they can be used and accessed remotely.  This allows the operation of Capable 21C from a home PC, or any other location.  This knowledgebase article describes how to setup this kind of functionality.
KB-Using Clinical Forms

In a paper based chiropractic clinic, the practitioner will have forms to record their SOAP notes. Typically these include Chief Complaint, Secondary Complaint (sometimes known as In-depth Health Questionnaire), Examination Summary, X-Ray Summary, Diagnosis and Prognosis Summaries, and a Recommended Care Schedule. To assist in moving patient files out of the filing cabinets and into the computer, Capable 21C has the ability to store these forms and the resultant data for each individual patient. This article explains where to find these forms and how to use them in day to day patient care.

KB-Visit Notes Thumbnails

When Capable 21C opens the Visit Notes window, it can display thumbnails for all images attached to a patient/client file.  As the original images could be particularly large files, Capable 21C has the ability to create and save small thumbnail images of each of the original images.  By using the thumbnails, the load-speed of the Visit Notes window is dramatically improved.  The thumbnails are automatically generated dynamically by Capable 21C, but it is also possible to use a feature that will re-create all thumbnails immediately.  This article describes how to use that feature.

KB-WA Motor Insurer Statement Setup

Most insurance statements print using a specific layout and format.   In particular, they print all unpaid services and products irrespective of how old they are.   This is quite different to the Private Statement style which is much more like a Mastercard bill (eg opening date, closing date and transactions in between).   One particular insurer in WA requires a private style statement, but addressed to the insurer.   This article describes how to configure Capable 21C to support this kind of statement.

KB-Wellness Calendars This knowledgebase article explains how to turn on Capable 21C's advanced Wellness Calendar feature which will print much more attractive schedules if the office takes the time to configure it appropriately with colours and graphical icons.
KB-What is Checkpoint.MDB Operators may notice a file in the database folder called Checkpoint.MDB.  This knowledgebase article describes what that file is, and why it is created.
KB-Windows Terminal Services

It is possible to operate Capable 21C via a Windows Terminal Services Server.  In this configuration, Capable 21C is only installed on a single server in the office, and access to it is obtained via a Microsoft ™ technology known as Windows Terminal Services.  The other workstation PCs do not need to be particularly powerful to do this – which can reduce the overall cost of implementation.  The article discusses the issues surrounding a Windows Terminal Services implementation.

KB-Windows Vista™ and/or MS-Office 2007™ Professional Microsoft Windows Vista™ was designed (within reason) to be compatible with all its preceding successors, but with this new design some complications have occurred. Within this document you’ll find some of the issues Capable Software has encountered with Microsoft Windows Vista™ and suggested resolutions.
KB-Windows XCACLs

Windows NT, 2000 and XP use a technology called XCACLs to manage security access to files in a network environment.  Under some circumstances, it is possible for these XCACLs to become damaged, and render the Capable 21C database inaccessible to network PCs even though the database file may be visible when browsed using a Windows Explorer, and may open normally on the main/server PC.  This knowledgebase article describes how to repair damaged XCACLs.

KB-Word 2007 and 2010 Microsoft altered the fundamental structure of Word documents with each new version of MS Word.  Capable 21C ships with the oldest of these formats to ensure backwards compatibility.  However, the newest versions of MS Word (eg 2007 and 2010) have features that can block Capable 21C's mailmerge functionality.  This article discusses steps to resolve these issues.
KB-Workflow Director

Capable 21C incorporates functionality that can allow PC’s to automatically instruct patients to move to the appropriate places in the office. These instructions can be provided both visually and via auditory senses. This article discusses the issues around configuring these features and how to set them up.

KB-Workflow Director Troubleshooting The Capable 21C Workflow Director will direct patient/client movements from reception through to the treatment areas, and then (indirectly) back to reception if required.  Due to its complex and flexible configuration, it is easy to mis-configure it - and this will lead to it failing to direct patients/clients to go anywhere.  This knowledgebase article discusses the most common causes, and how to fix them.
KB-Wrong Appt Type for new practitioner.asp When a new practitioner is added to Capable 21C, if the new practitioner is not fully configured correctly, some peculiar symptoms may become manifest.  This knowledgebase article discusses those symptoms and how to correct them.


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