Batch production of M47/ACC47 Claims


Capable 21C has the ability to produce M47/ACC47 claims en masse.  It can also produce these as a batch so that when a payment advice is received from ACC, it can be processed quickly and easily.  This knowledgebase article explains how to do this.

Underlying challenge

Note that when using this feature, all claimable visits for all patients in a date range are printed.  This means that it is not possible to mix-and-match the date ranges for the claims.  Before exploiting this feature, it is recommended that each ACC patient be reviewed, and their claims all brought up to date to a single date (eg about a week before the first batch is to be printed).

In order for this feature to work effectively, there are a few specific requirements.

  • There must be an insurer called ACC.
  • Services and Payment methods need to be configured appropriately so that Capable 21C knows which line items are billing to (and received from) ACC.  Refer to Fundamentals Training Setup 2 for more details
  • Appointment Types should be configured so that patients on ACC are automatically invoiced correctly.  Refer to Fundamentals Training Setup 2 for more details
  • In Setup|Settings, the Insurance Statement style needs to be set to M47.
  • The layout of the M47 statement needs to be appropriate for ACC Claiming.
  • Patients should be appropriately configured to be a) insurance patients; b) on ACC; and c) have an ACC approved Claim Number, Diagnosis and Date of Accident

Once these prerequisites have been met, follow the steps in the Resolution section to produce a batch of M47/ACC47 claims.


To produce a batch of M47/ACC47 claims:

  1. Go to Management|Current Debtors.  It may take a minute or two for Capable 21C to prepare the list of debtors.
  2. Drop down the basic filter (where it shows 'Print all statements selected') and change it to Print only for insurance patients.
  3. Underneath that drop-down box, a new box will appear that allows the selection of an insurer.  Drop it down and choose ACC.
  4. On the current debtors window, set the Date of Last Statement Run to be the starting date for the batch (eg typically one week ago).
  5. Set the Print Invoices Till to be the ending date for the batch (eg today's date).
  6. In the M48 Code box, key in an appropriate batch number.  ACC uses the date of the batch as its default batch numbering system (eg if the batch is printed on 23rd January, 2009, ACC's default batch number would be 230109).  It is not necessary to use ACC's batch numbering system, but it seems to expedite some ACC claims.
  7. Click the Print Statements button.

If an M48 (batch summary) printout is required, follow these steps AFTER the M47 claims have been printed:

  1. Go to Tools|Batch Payment.
  2. Locate and click on the batch number just printed.
  3. Click the Print List button.

Detailed Information

When a payment advice is received from ACC, the paid claims can be processed into Capable 21C easily by:

  1. Go to Tools|Batch Payment.
  2. Locate and click on the batch number being paid.  ACC will typically identify the batch on the Payment Advice.
  3. Ensure that there is a tick on each patient/visit that has been paid by ACC.
  4. Click the Accept Payment button.
  5. Nominate the appropriate payment method.


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