Excess Credit Reported when invoicing


When invoicing a patient/client, Capable 21C may report that there is excess credit assigned to an older visit.  This knowledgebase article explains why this happens, and the implications of either allowing or disallowing Capable 21C to re-assign the credit.

Underlying challenge

Older versions of Capable 21C would permit credits to be recorded independently of any particular visit.  These were known as unallocated credits, and typically occurred when a person prepaid for some care.

Whilst Capable 21C v1.5.554 and later still allow this to occur, these more recent versions automatically assign the unallocated credits to visits as they occur.  Having the payments allocated to the visits helps Capable 21C keep track of which visits are paid-for, and which ones are not.

If the Capable 21C advanced receipting feature has been enabled, Capable 21C will produce a warning message when it detects these old unallocated credits to give the operator more control over whether the old payment is split up and neatly allocated to more recent visits.


If this message appears, operators are always advised to choose 'Yes'.  If the operator is particularly suspicious that the patient/client file may be out of balance, or may contain old credits that the patient/client is no longer entitled to claim, then the operator may choose to click No.  However, the message will continue to appear until the operator does something to eliminate or correct the old credit.

Detailed Information

Refer to KB-Balance Insurance and Private Patients1.asp for more information about balancing patient/client files, and assigning credits to particular visits.

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