Case Sensitivity


If a patient/client's name has been keyed into the system in the wrong case (eg michael sMith), it can be difficult to correct the problem.  This knowledgebase article explains why and what to do about it.

Underlying challenge

In older versions of the underlying database engine, case sensitivity was not handled well.  The latest database engine handles it correctly, but if the installation is quite old, the problem may still be present.


There are two known workarounds for the problem:

1. Convert the database to the current version of MS Access.

2. Rename the patient file to something significantly different, save and exit, and then re-edit the file and change it to the desired spelling/case.

Detailed Information

To convert the database to the current version of MS Access, refer to steps described in KB-Mail Merges v2.1.asp.

To rename the patient/client file twice, follow these steps:

  • Open the patient/client file in Patient Details
  • Change the name to something significantly different (eg Bob Patient)
  • Save and Exit from Patient Details
  • Return to patient details using the new name
  • Change the name back to the original name, using the correct case
  • Save and Exit from Patient Details
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