Patient Search hides names with apostrophes


At some sites, when the patient/client search is activated with a name that includes an apostrophe (eg O'Connor), the actual patients/clients with those surnames may not appear.  This knowledgebase article explains the cause of this problem and how to correct it.

Underlying challenge

The Capable 21C database is shipped in a format that complies with older versions of Microsoft Access.  This way, clients with old versions of Microsoft Access can still use it to examine and manipulate patient/client data.  However, the older versions of Microsoft Access have some challenges in searching, sorting and listing names that include punctuation marks.


To fix the problem, upgrade the Capable 21C database to a more recent version of Microsoft Access:

  1. Close Capable 21C on all workstations.
  2. Open a My Computer window on the Main PC/Server
  3. Navigate to the C:\Capable folder
  4. Double click the Capable.MDB to open it with Microsoft Access.
  5. Go to Tools|Database Utilities|Convert|To Microsoft Access 2002-2003
  6. Save the converted database as Capable.MDB, but save it to a different location (eg save it onto the Desktop).
  7. When Microsoft Access is finished the conversion, close it.
  8. Backup and remove the original Capable.MDB
  9. Move the new Capable.MDB (eg from the Desktop) into the C:\Capable folder.

Detailed Information

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