Identify Practitioner used on receipt


It can be difficult to establish which practitioner was used to record a transaction on a past receipt.  This knowledgebase article describes how to do this.

Underlying challenge

The most common place that an operator might look to determine which practitioner rendered a service is in the Receipt Alteration window.  Whilst this window allows an operator to change the practitioner, it does not allow an operator to identify the practitioner.


To identify the practitioner that rendered the service, return to the Visits and Financials window, and tick the Separate Practitioners checkbox.  This will group historical visits by the practitioner that was recorded against the invoice.  If two practitioners rendered services on the same day (or one rendered the service, and the other took the payment), two entries will be visible on the Visits and Financials window.

Detailed Information

It is also possible to identify the practitioner by producing a transaction summary for each practitioner for the day in question.

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