Imported Patients are archived


When importing patient/client demographics into Capable 21C, the imported patients are always archived.  This knowledgebase article explains the rationale behind this design condition.

Underlying challenge

When importing patient/client data from some other systems, it is possible to determine whether the patient/client is still active or not.  However, when importing demographics alone (eg from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, or a generic Microsoft Access database), Capable 21C cannot reliably determine whether the patient/client is still active or not.

For this reason, Capable 21C assumes that all patient/client data imported this way should be considered inactive (eg archived).  As a result, when patient/client appointments are created, Capable 21C automatically unarchives the patient/clients - leaving the patients without appointments as archived.


When importing patient/client demographics, all patients/clients will be imported archived.

When creating appointments for these imported patients/clients, Capable 21C will automatically advise that the patient/client files will be reactivated.  No further action should be taken.

Detailed Information

Capable 21C normally archives patients/clients who have passed through the usual patient/client tracking system (eg receive a Bring Up, a Recall and then a File Closure notification).  This is the only means by which Capable 21C can automatically archive patients/clients who are active.

If the Capable 21C demographics import operated in the converse manner (eg import all patients/clients as active), there would be no trigger or mechanism to calculate and archive the patients/clients who should not be active.

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