Deceased Patients


Whilst Capable 21C has a flag that can be set to indicate that a patient is deceased, this knowledgebase article includes a simple procedure that will ensure that no further literature goes to the patient by accident.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C has advanced and complex tools for extracting lists of patients for mailing, SMSing or emailing.  It might not always be apparent to an operator to explicitly exclude deceased patients from these lists.


Follow these steps to ensure that the office does not accidentally attempt to contact deceased patients:

  1. Go to Visits and Financials for the patient.
  2. If any outstanding account exists, print a statement that can be forwarded to the person or organisation administering the estate.  This step can be skipped if the office does not intend to recover any outstanding amounts - however, if the amounts are to be abandoned, write them off formally by clicking in the left hand box and choosing 'Write Off'.
  3. Click the Archive button.
  4. Go into Patient Details.
  5. Mark the patient as deceased (on the Tracking Options tab).
  6. Remove the patient's address, and save it into the Permanent Notes as 'last known address'.
  7. Remove the patient's phone numbers and copy them into the Permanent Notes as 'last known phone numbers'.
  8. Remove the patient's e-mail address and copy it into the Permanent Notes as 'last known e-mail address'.
  9. Save and Exit from Patient Details.

Detailed Information

No further detail.

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