Statistical Reports show non-existent items


Capable 21C can produce statistical reports that include service or product names that do no exist in the configuration screens.  This knowledgebase article describes how this can happen, and what to do about it.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C collates the statistical report based on the literal wording of the line-items recorded on the invoices.  If an operator has used the 'Alter Type' button on the Receipt Alteration window, and then keyed a produce or service name that does not exist in the configured lists of products and services, this will produce these obscure kinds of statistical reports.


It is important to note that this behaviour is by design, and does not result in the loss of any data or any damage to the database.  It is quite safe to allow Capable 21C to operate in this manner, though it may not be desirable.

To prevent a re-occurrence of the problem, ensure that operators do not use the Alter Type button in the Receipt Alteration window.  Instead, advise operators to use the Add An Item button instead to create a new item from the configured pick-list, and then delete the original item.

To correct any instances of this problem, follow these steps:

  1. It is advisable to take a backup before attempting this activity.
  2. Go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees.
  3. Go to the Data Scrubbing tab
  4. Select a range of dates that roughly encompasses the period when the problem occurred.  Note that this feature can take a very long time if a range of dates more than a few weeks is selected.
  5. Select the line item from the drop down list.
  6. Click on the box to choose an appropriate replacement entry.
  7. Click the button to execute the change.

Note that careless use of this feature can result in a significant number of invoices being altered to show incorrect line items.  There is no way to undo changes made this way.

Detailed Information

Capable 21C considers all invoiceable items to be either a service, a product or a journal entry.

If the entry is configured within an appointment type (the first tab in Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees), then Capable 21C considers it to be a Service.

If the entry is configured within a product group (the second tab in Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees), then Capable 21C considers it to be a Product.

If the entry starts with the words Credit from Family, Refund, Credit transfer to, Credit Journal, or Write Off, then Capable 21C considers the item to be a journal entry.

If Capable 21C finds an entry configured into two or more appointments types (or product groups, or a combination of the two), it reports the item as being in two or more groups on the statistical report.  This is due to the way that Capable 21C calculates sub-totals on the statistical reports.  If a line-item is configured into two groups, it would otherwise be added to the subtotals for both groups, thereby giving misleading subtotals.

See also KB-Items not in any group on Statistical Reports.asp

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