Installing Capable 21C at home


Some clinic owners require the facility of having a copy of the clinic’s database on their home pc. This article describes the procedure to complete this requirement.

Underlying challenge

The correct method of installation and the maintenance of that home database are the challenges.


To install Capable 21C onto the home PC, perform the following steps:

  • Take a back-up on your old computer of the folder called C:\capable (if you are running a network, you need to back-up this folder on whichever machine has been defined as the server).
  • Label this backup as your HOME DATA.
  • Take a back-up copy on your old computer of the folder called C:\Program Files\Capable.
  •  Label this backup as your HOME PROGRAM.
  • Download Capable from the following website link:
  • Unzip this file with the destination folder being C:\Temp
  • Install Capable 21C on the new computer from the C:\Temp, using your original CD Key. DO NOT START CAPABLE 21C YET.
  • Restore the HOME DATA onto the C:\Capable folder on the new computer.
  • Restore the HOME PROGRAM onto the C:\Program Files\Capable folder on the new computer.
  • Now, start Capable 21C for the first time on the new computer.
  • Check you can access your patient/client files.

Detailed Information

No further detail.

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