Wrong Appt Type for New Practitioner


When a new practitioner is added to Capable 21C, if the new practitioner is not fully configured correctly, some peculiar symptoms may become manifest.  This knowledgebase article discusses those symptoms and how to correct them.

Underlying challenge

A common problem is that the new practitioner appears OK, except that when a patient/client is invoiced, and another appointment is created, the new appointment may have an odd appointment type (such as 'Do Not Select This').  This may also only be noticed when that subsequent appointment is invoiced.

A different symptom with the same underlying cause is if patients/clients invoiced for the new practitioner sometimes display the correct invoice items, but at other times allow no invoice items.

A different symptom with the same underlying cause is if future appointments for existing practitioners are always made via a fly-out menu, but some appointments made for the new practitioner do not display the fly-out menu.


This problem is caused when the office uses a 'dummy' appointment type to force the appearance of the fly-out menu of appointment types for all new appointments.  This dummy appointment type should always be configured such that all practitioners have a zero (0) duration.  The new practitioner may not comply with this requirement.

Detailed Information

To fix the problem:

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Practitioners.
  2. Double click on the new practitioner.
  3. Switch to the Durations/Appointment Timing tab.
  4. Ensure that all appointment types have an appropriate duration (use a zero duration if the appointment type is not valid for that practitioner).
  5. In particular, if there is a dummy appointment type (such as 'Do Not Select This'), ensure that it has a zero duration.
  6. Close the practitioner details window.
  7. Close the Practitioners setup window.
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