Capable 21C supports the ability to invoice families all together, and also to make appointments (from an invoice) all together, and also to move appointments for families all together. This article described how to take advantage of this feature.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C does not automatically realize that two family members are part of the same family. An operator must nominate that they are members of the same family. Refer to the resolution section below on how to attach family members to each other as a family.


To attach family members to each other, follow this procedure:

  • Select either of the family members and go to their Patient/Client Details.
  • Go to the Family Tab.
  • Click the Add button to add another family member.
  • Select the other family member and click OK.
  • Click Save and Exit.

Family members can also be attached to each other using the ‘Use Family Address’ buttons on the demographics tab of Patient Details.

Note that if a family has been created and then one of its members is added to another family, the two families will be merged into one big family.

Detailed Information

To invoice an entire family at once, follow this procedure:

  • Single click on each family member’s appointment in turn to check them in and open the receipt
  • Click ‘Yes’ when asked if all members should be processed as a family.
  • The invoice window that appears will only show one set of services/products (eg as if it were for a single patient).  The services/products and payments listed on this invoice window will be applied equally to ALL members of the family that have been included on the family invoice.

Note that family invoices have some limitations:

  • Each member of the family will be charged at exactly the same rate.
  • Each member of the family will show payments of the same type and amount.
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