Patient or Client file is locked


Capable 21C may report that a patient/client file is locked by 'PC Name'.  This knowledgebase article describes what this message means and what to do about it.

Underlying challenge

This occurs if the patient file is currently open on another PC, or if the other PC had the file open and then closed Capable 21C unexpectedly (thereby failing to release the lock).

Patient/client files are locked when open to prevent the situation where two operators attempt to alter the same patient file on two PCs at the same time.  If this were permitted to occur, one of the operators would save the changes successfully, and the other would not.


There are two ways to resolve the problem:

Technique 1: Close the patient file on the PC that holds the lock

  • Go to the PC named in the message and close the patient file.
  • If the patient file is not open on the other PC, open it and then close it.

Technique 2: Forcibly unlock the file

  • If the PC named in the message is unavailable for any reason, go to the Tools menu, and choose forcibly unlock a patient file.
  • Nominate the name of the patient and press OK.

Detailed Information

Note that there is some risk associated with the use of technique 2.  If the patient file is still legitimately open on the other PC, and the lock is forcibly removed, this would permit the situation where two operators could manipulate the same patient file at the same time - effectively negating the original purpose of the lock.

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