Multiple Provider Numbers


In some professions, providers have different provider numbers for the different health funds.  Capable 21C has the ability to handle this.  This knowledgebase article explains how to enter multiple provider numbers against any particular provider.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C records a default provider number for each provider.  If the provider only has a single provider number, this is ideal.  If the provider number has different provider numbers for the different insurers, the default provider number should be set to the provider's board registration number, and the steps in the resolution section should be followed:


To enter multiple provider numbers:

  1. Ensure that all the required Insurers have been entered into Capable 21C via the Setup|Setup Insurers option.
  2. Go to Setup|Setup Providers.
  3. Double click on the provider in question.  The Provider properties window should appear.
  4. On the General tab, set the default provider number to match the provider's board registration code.
  5. Underneath the default provider number, each of the insurers should be listed.  Click on each provider in turn and key the provider numbers when prompted.
  6. Repeat step 5 as many times as needed.

Detailed Information

It is also possible to hard code additional provider codes and numbers onto invoices.  However, these hard-coded entries will appear on all invoices irrespective of the provider rendering the service.  This may cause problems for multi-provider offices.

It is also possible to enter extra special text for each provider on the Business Details tab of the Provider Properties window.  If this extra text has been entered, it will override the normal text that appears on invoices (for example, the business name of the provider can override the clinic name).  This feature can be used to add extra text for some or all providers.  Some experimentation with this feature usually yields the desired results.

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