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Capable 21C has the ability to charge a Missed Appointment Fee if an appointment is missed.  This knowledgebase article discusses how to set this up, and associated considerations.

Underlying challenge

Whilst Capable 21C can charge a Missed Appointment Fee automatically when an appointment is flagged as Missed, there are some additional considerations.  See below for more details:


To enable Missed Appointment Fees:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the Appointments tab
  3. Enter the appropriate fee
  4. Click Apply and then Close

Detailed Information

Note that when this fee is used, Capable 21C will automatically raise a line item on an invoice with the wording "Missed Appt Fee".  If GST is enabled, the default GST amount will be applied to the invoice line item.

When statistical reports are generated at a later stage, there may be some confusion as to whether the Missed Appt Fee is considered a Product or a Service.  To some offices, this may be significant in determining how associate practitioners are paid.  To ensure that the Missed Appt Fees are grouped correctly with other line items, create a new Service called Missed Appt Fee, and either attach it to a Product Group (thereby making it a product), or attach it to an Appointment Type (thereby classing it as a Service).  Note that if any GST amount is associated with this Missed Appt Fee service, it will overrule the default GST amount.

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