Deleting Practitioners


From time to time, an office may need to remove a practitioner that has previously been added to Capable 21C.  This may because the practitioner no longer works at the office, or if the practitioner was accidentally added in error.  This article describes how to remove the practitioner.

Underlying challenge

When a practitioner is deleted from Capable 21C, the record of the practitioner's name, registration codes, working hours and personal holidays are deleted.  However, any old invoices and appointments that have already been processed will not be deleted.  In this way, patient/client files will not be adversely impacted by removing the practitioner.


To remove a practitioner:

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Practitioners.  Note that this setup menu option is automatically customised according to the office's nominated terminology, so it may read as Setup Chiropractors, Setup Doctors, Setup Service Providers, etc.
  2. Left click on the icon for the practitioner to be removed.
  3. Right click on the icon for the practitioner to be removed.
  4. Choose the Delete option from the Fly Out menu.
  5. Close the Practitioner Setup window.

Detailed Information

Even though any processed patient/client invoices and appointments are unaffected by deleting a practitioner, there are some implications:

  1. Any future appointments for the practitioner will automatically be moved to another practitioner. Capable 21C will advise where it intends to move the appointments, and how many appointments are affected.  Normally, Capable 21C will move the appointments onto the practitioner that occupies position 1 on the appointment book.  If the practitioner being removed is already the first on the appointment book, the appointments will be moved to the practitioner in position 2.
  2. Statistical reports can still be generated for the practitioner that has been removed via the 'Historical Practitioner' option the Statistical Report Generation window. Refer to KB-Obtain information about old practitioners.asp for more information.
  3. If the practitioner returns at any stage in the future, it is best to re-add the practitioner with the same Short Name.  Whilst it is not necessary to match the Short Name, it does allow Capable 21C to maintain more consistent records.

Note that it may be tempting to rename a practitioner if an old practitioner leaves and a new practitioner takes their place.  This is not advised, as Capable 21C will interpret this as a simple update to an existing practitioner's name, and alter old records to maintain database integrity.  In this case, it is best to remove the old practitioner, and add a new one.  If the office would like the appointments to be automatically transfered to the new practitioner, the following sequence of steps should be followed:

  1. Create the new practitioner, and assign their position on the appointment book to be position 1.
  2. Review all other practitioners and ensure that they do NOT take position 1 on the appointment book also.
  3. Close Capable 21C and re-open it to ensure that the new practitioner is in position 1 on the appointment book.
  4. Remove the old practitioner.
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