SMS Troubleshooting


This knowledgebase article discusses some common problems (and fixes) for SMS Messaging.

Underlying challenge

The following are potential causes for an SMS to not be sent by Capable 21C:

  • A disconnected internet connection.
  • An incorrectly configured SMS Messaging Account.
  • Insufficient SMS Credits
  • No mobile phone number on the patient/client file

The following are potential causes why an SMS might be sent OK, but not received on the target mobile phone:

  • The phone is turned off or outside radio range.
  • The phone has been disconnected or temporarily disabled by its service provider.
  • The SMS Messaging Account is configured incorrectly (eg sent the SMS Message to the right phone number, but the wrong country).
  • The mobile phone number recorded for the patient/client is incorrect.
  • The mobile phone has a phone number that was ported from Hutchinson (3) to Telstra and the Sender ID configured within Capable 21C includes alpha characters.


Ensure internet connection is active

The easiest way to check the internet connection is to open an Internet Explorer window, and navigate to a popular website (eg  It is important to perform this step on the PC that is attempting to transmit the SMS Messages.

Configure SMS Messaging correctly

Refer to KB-Setup SMS Messaging for details.

Insufficient Credits

To check how many credits are available, go to Setup|Setup SMS Messaging and click the Credits button.  Note that this feature only works when using a Capable Software or Capable Software (New) account.

Check the mobile phone number on the patient/client file

Go to Patient/Client Details for the person, and check the mobile phone number.  A good test is to make a note of the mobile phone number displayed, and then change the patient/client mobile phone number to one belonging to a person within the office.  Then send the message again to see if it is received.  Don't forget to change the mobile phone number back to the correct number.

The phone is turned off or outside radio range

Different mobile phone carriers will retain the message for different amounts of time.  It varies from 24 hours through to over a week.  The carrier will attempt to retransmit the message until the time limit expires, and then the carrier will abandon the message.

The phone is disconnected or disabled

Try dialling the phone using a regular phone to test it.

Hutchinson (3) to Telstra porting

'Mobile phone porting' is a term that refers to the practice of keeping the same mobile phone number when you switch to a different phone company.  Whilst most mobile phone number porting works seamlessly, some phone companies do not support the complete set of features for SMS Messaging.  Unfortunately, this is a limitation imposed by the mobile phone companies, and is outside the control of Capable Software Pty Ltd.

If a patient/client has ported a phone number from Hutchinson (3G) to Telstra, and the Sender ID includes alpha characters, the SMS will not reach the mobile phone.

To resolve this problem, advise the client that they cannot receive SMS messages, or change the Sender ID so that it is numeric only.

Detailed Information

The SMS Audit Log feature (accessible via Setup|Setup SMS Messaging) will note if any particular errors occurred during the transmission attempt.  Also, the Track Unsent SMSes feature (accessible via the Action Other Tasks button on the To Do List) will help to track SMSes that were declined or could not be transmitted.

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