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Capable 21C supports the notion of an appointment flag that allows an operator to flag an appointment.  This flag has no impact on the behaviour of Capable 21C other than that described in this knowledgebase article.  It can be useful to support an office's internal processes.

Underlying challenge

The flag feature is automatically enabled in Capable 21C v1.5.624 and later.  The enhanced background colour settings are available in Capable 21C v1.5.625 and later.


To flag an appointment:

  1. Right click on the appointment and choose Flag Appointment.

When an appointment is flagged, a small green dot will appear above the patient/client's name on the appointment book.

Detailed Information

It is also possible to configure appointment flags so that the entire background colour of the appointment changes when the appointment is flagged.  This could potentially be problematic as the background colour will override the normal background colour of normal and confirmed appointments.  The background colour of missed, cancelled and changed appointments will not be overridden by the flag colour.

To configure flag background colours:

  1. Upgrade to v1.5.625 or later.
  2. Go to Setup|Settings
  3. Click on the tab called 'Other'.
  4. Click on the Appointments system component.
  5. Click on the Flag Overrides Background setting.
  6. Change the value to True.
  7. Click on the Flag Background setting.
  8. Change the value to a numerical representation of a 24bit RGB colour.  See below for some samples.
  9. Click Close (no need to apply).

Some sample colours and their numerical representations follow:

Pale Green = -16384
Pale Blue = 16777088
Pale Yellow = 12648447
Paler Yellow = 10010482173

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