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Capable 21C uses a patient/client case number to link information on invoices, appointments and clinical records back to the patient file.  For this reason, the case number is quite significant to the internal workings of Capable 21C.  This knowledgebase article explains how to register a patient (effectively assigning them a case number), and the implications of changing a client's case number.

Underlying challenge

The client/patient case number can be changed via the Client/Patient Details window.  However, there are limitations on changing case numbers whilst clients/patients are checked in to the office.


To change a client/patient case number, open Patient Details, and either:

  • Click the Register button; or
  • Key the desired case number; or
  • Click into the case number field, remove any text shown, and then swipe the client/patient card (if swipe cards are in use).

Then, click Save and Exit.

A warning window will appear warning that there are significant consequences of changing a case number.  If it is Ok to proceed, click Yes.  If the case number has been changed by accident, click No.


Detailed Information

The case number automatically generated by Capable 21C when the Register button is clicked is controlled by a configurable setting.  To alter the numbers generated by Capable 21C automatically:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the New Clients tab.
  3. Key the desired next case number to be generated.
  4. Click Apply and Close.

Note that the automatic case numbering system only works with completely numeric case numbers.  It will not handle case numbers that have alphabetical characters, or symbols.  For example, 20070001 is Ok, but 2007-0001 is not.

Refer to KB-Limitations with Checked In People.asp for more information.

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