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Customers may have not performed a Live Update for quite some time.  If they do Live Update after a long break, there may be many new features, and specific questions that need to be answered after Capable 21C starts on the new version.  This knowledgebase article discusses these issues.

Underlying challenge

Refer to KB-Live Update Procedure.asp for detailed information about how all Live Updates should be performed.

Capable 21C applies enhancements to the database file when it starts.  Normally, the database is up to date and does not need to be modified, but immediately after a Live Update, there may be changes to the database structure required.


If Live Updating from a very old version, some or all of the following questions may be asked:

Message about building families
Say YES to have Capable 21C automatically find patients/clients who belong in a family, and create the families automatically.

Message about compact and repair
Capable 21C will prompt to do a Compact and Repair on the database after every Live Update.  Say YES to ensure that database integrity is not compromised at any stage.

Message about updating practitioner shift times
Capable 21C automatically detects practitioners that no longer have lunch breaks appearing on the appointment book, and will prompt to auto-correct the problem.  Say YES to have Capable 21C automatically perform corrections.

Message about Pricing
Capable 21C may offer the opportunity to migrate old pricing information into the newer, more advanced pricing model.  Say YES to ensure that pricing is converted correctly.

Quick Search
The more recent versions of Capable 21C support a quick search feature to make Patient/Client searching faster.  To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the New Clients tab.
  3. Tick the box entitled Quick Search
  4. Click OK when prompted that Capable 21C is creating Quick Search data.
  5. Click Apply and then Close.

Message about Security Settings Changed

Some updates alter the layout of menus, and therefore can affect any existing security settings.  If the Capable 21C security system is enabled, it is adviseable to check that each operator's security privileges have not been adversely altered by the upgrade.  If new features are not accessible, refer to KB-Security Settings for new features.asp

Detailed Information

Sometimes, offices may detect a defect in Capable 21C, and rather than report it and have it fixed, they develop workarounds for the defect.  When this happens, office staff can become very confused if Capable Software Pty Ltd locates and fixes the defect independently.  Not only is the original workaround no longer necessary, the workaround may cause further problems.

The following material covers some tests that an office can perform after updating from a very old version to ensure that the functionality of Capable 21C has not been affected by the update - and to determine whether any office workarounds may no longer be necessary:

Test Patient/Client Balances
Before performing the Live Update, the office should run a complete balance summary.  To do this, open the debtors window and click the summary button.  Run another balance summary after the Live Update.  In particular, look for variations in patient/client balances, or situations where the total balance remains the same but private and insurance balances change.  If this occurs, refer to KB-Balance Insurance and Private Patients

Process some sample invoices
The office should process some test case invoices for varying types of appointments to ensure that the correct default services still appear on the invoices.  Refer to the Fundamental Training Setup modules if any problems are detected.

Enhancements that may affect normal system behaviour
Sites that have not updated for a very long time may be affected by some new feature enhancements that alter traditional behaviour of Capable 21C.

In particular, if an office has trouble registering new patients after an update, refer to KB-Limitations with Checked In People

If new menu items are visible, but appear to be locked out (eg greyed out) even to operators with Total Access, refer to KB-Security Settings for new features

If Insurance Patients/Clients are producing unexpected information on statements, refer to Intermediate Training

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