How to check SMS Credit Level


Capable 21C has the ability to check the number of SMS Credits remaining when the SMS Account is with Capable Software Pty Ltd.  This knowledgebase article explains how to do so.

Underlying challenge

In order for Capable 21C to check the SMS Credit Level, and SMS Account needs to be correctly configured within Capable 21C.  Refer to KB-Setup SMS Messaging for more information about how to configure Capable 21C correctly.


There are two ways to check the current SMS Credit Level.

In versions prior to v1.5.651,

  1. Go to Setup|Setup SMS Messaging.
  2. Click the Credits button.
  3. Note the number of credits reported after a few seconds.

On versions from v1.5.651 onwards, either follow the procedure shown above, or:

  1. Go to Setup|Customise Button Bar.
  2. Drag the SMS Credits button onto the Button Bar.
  3. Close the Customise Button Bar window.
  4. Click the SMS Credits button.

The SMS Credits button can now be clicked at any stage in the future to check the credit level.

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