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Capable 21C includes features to easily download and install new versions of itself via a technology called Live Updates.  This knowledgebase article describes the recommended procedure that an office should follow when attempting to perform a Live Update.

Underlying challenge

There is always an element of risk when updating to a new version of any program.  The new version will behave differently to the old version.  This may include new features, or may include the correction of defects.  In either case, the change in behaviour may be unsettling to operators, and may result in unexpected messages appearing on screen.  Despite the most rigorous testing performed by Capable Software Pty Ltd, customers should exercise some caution when upgrading to a new version.

The procedure described below is the recommended procedure that should be followed whenever a Live Update is attempted.


The most important steps in performing a Live Update are:

  1. Produce a list of outstanding accounts (for later verification) BEFORE performing the Live Update.
  2. Perform the update on a PC that is not part of the Production network.  For example a home PC, or a spare PC specifically set aside for upgrade testing.
  3. Re-run the outstanding accounts list, and compare the list to the one produced earlier.  There should be no changes in the amounts (though there may be some minor changes in layout).
  4. Test the update thoroughly on the off-line PC.  See below for a list of the common tests of Capable 21C.  If any tests fail or produce unexpected results, resolve these problems before proceeding any further.
  5. Take a comprehensive backup of both the Capable 21C database and the Capable 21C program.  This allows an office to revert back to the older version easily if problems are experienced.
  6. Perform the update at a time when the office is not open for business.  This allows some freedom in addressing any unforeseen circumstances without the pressure of a normal shift.
  7. Double check the behaviour of Capable 21C.

Detailed Information

To perform the update on an off-line PC:

  1. Install Capable 21C on that PC, and restore a backup.  Refer to KB-Installing and migrating to a new PC.asp for detailed instructions.
  2. Start Capable 21C on the offline PC.  Test that the PC is actually offline by creating a dummy appointment.  Go to a live production PC and double-check that the dummy appointment has not been created in the production environment.
  3. Return to the off-line PC and click Live Update.  Follow the prompts on-screen.
  4. Refer to KB-Live Update rejects password.asp if problems are encountered performing the Live Update.

To test the Live Update on an offline PC:

  1. Try each of the following functions to see that they work as expected.  Take note of any variations and advise staff or contact Capable Technical Support as appropriate.
  • Start a shift.
  • Check that the background shading colours of the appointment book are as expected.
  • Check that the block-outs for lunch breaks (and denoting the start and end of the day) appear as expected.
  • Make an appointment for an existing patient.
  • Create a new patient, register them and make an appointment for them.
  • Move either appointment to a new time.
  • Move either appointment to a new date.
  • Move either appointment to a different practitioner (if the office has more than one practitioner).
  • Invoice both appointments.  Ensure that the prices that appear are those that are expected.  Print at least one of the invoices.
  • Open the scheduling window and adjust the schedule for any patient.
  • If the office operates in a paperless mode, open Visit Notes and record some notes for any patient.  Close and re-open the visit notes to ensure that they have saved correctly.
  • Close the shift.  Ensure that the shift figures tally with the test invoices entered.
  • If the office uses the banking slip feature, attempt to print a banking slip.
  • Print a statistical report and check the figures against the test invoices.
  • Go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees, and check that the pricing is correct for products and services.

To take a comprehensive backup (note that the assistance of a PC Technician may be required):

  1. Backup all contents of the C:\Capable folder on the main PC (or server), including any subfolders.  Examining the Capable.INI file on any PC in the network will help to clarify the exact location of the Capable database file.  The location of the Capable.INI file will be identified by the 'Run In' location on the Properties window of the Capable 21C shortcut (used for starting Capable 21C).
  2. If the office operates Capable 21C in a SQL Server environment, backup the SQL database as well.
  3. Backup all contents of the C:\Program Files\Capable folder.
  4. Whilst it is normally advisable to take backups off-site, keep this backup on-site so that it is readily accessible if it is needed.  Note that the office should have more than one backup so that another backup can be taken off-site.


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