Capable 21C allows the definition of different printer drivers for different types of print jobs.  This allows a lot of flexibility in deciding 'where things print' and 'on what stationery'.  This knowledgebase article discusses these options.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C supports many different types of print jobs.  Rather than specify many different options for print drivers, these have been grouped into 10 basic groups.  To specify which printer driver should be used for any group, go to Setup|Setup Printers.


The groups print jobs as follows:

Questionnaire Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Progress Questionnaires from the Report of Findings module

Receipt Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Family Invoices
  • Regular Invoices and Receipts

Report Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Reports generated by Report of Findings module
  • Visit Notes Summary printouts
  • Printed images from Visit Notes
  • Complete Patient Lists (from Management menu)

Statement Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Private Statements, Insurance Statements, Care Plan Statements and Total Statements

Statistics Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Debt Control Summaries
  • Provider Balance Summaries
  • Banking Slips
  • Special/Defined Fee Reports
  • Transaction Summaries
  • Blank Forms for Report of Findings
  • Debtors Summaries
  • All debtors from Weekly Statistical Reports
  • All creditors from Weekly Statistical Reports
  • Big Billing Report from Weekly Statistical Reports
  • Goals from Weekly Statistical Reports
  • Staff Hours from Weekly Statistical Reports
  • Printed Lists from the Advanced Query Tool
  • Management Statistical Reports
  • Block Booking Reports
  • Appointment Book Reports
  • Provider Pay Reports
Printed Appointment Books

M47 Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • M47 Invoices (New Zealand only)

Label Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • All sticky labels

Calendar Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Printed schedules

Stock Order Printer

This driver is used to print:

  • Stock Orders (only when Stock Module is installed)

Detailed Information

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