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The Capable 21C Stock Control module has the ability to recognise barcodes on products.  In addition, the Workflow Director has the ability to acknowledge patient/client check-in using a barcode reader.  An office may find that they have a need to produce their own barcodes for use with either (or both) of these features.  This knowledgebase article discusses barcodes and how to produce them.

Underlying challenge

There are a number of international standards that dictate how barcodes should appear, and how they should be produced.  Each barcode scanner will support one or more of these standards.  The first step in producing barcodes (or barcode labels) is to identify which of these standards is supported by your scanner.  One of the more common standards is often known as '3 of 9'.

Once the standard has been identified, it is quite easy to locate a matching barcode font on the internet.  Some of the fonts carry a small cost (eg around AU$30).  Some are free.

When the font has been identified, it should be downloaded, installed onto the PC, and then a word processing tool such as Microsoft Word (tm) can be used to produce barcoded labels.


Most barcodes have a text representation beneath them that shows the number represented by the barcode.  It is possible to reproduce the barcode by:

  1. Starting a new blank document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Type the barcode number visible beneath the barcode.
  3. Select the text by dragging the mouse across it.
  4. Change the font to the barcode font.

Note that if a label sheet is used with many labels, it may be time consuming to key in all the numbers (either identical for product labelling, or different for patient/client ID Cards).  It is advisable to save the document for future reference once the desired outcome is achieved.

Detailed Information

It is advisable when producing barcodes to type the desired barcode number twice (underneath eachother), and change only the first number's font to the barcode font.  This way, it will be easy for a person to identify the number originally used.

Different barcode readers require barcodes of a different size.  It may be necessary to experiment with some sample sheets (printed on plain paper instead of labels) to ensure that the font size is adequate to achieve consistent results with the barcode scanner.

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