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Capable 21C has been specifically designed to support data entry via a touch screen or tablet PC.  This knowledgebase article discusses some of the considerations when implementing this kind of technology.

Underlying challenge

When adding or altering information in most computer programs, a keyboard is necessary to allow the operator to type words and numbers.  Capable 21C has been specifically engineered to allow certain operations to be performed without a keyboard.  However, there are some areas where a keyboard is necessary.

For example, most Visit Notes Screens can be used without a keyboard, but Patient Details cannot be entered without a keyboard.  It is possible to process an invoice without a keyboard, but it might not be possible to exploit all features available in invoicing without a keyboard.


If a touchscreen or a tablet PC is desired for the office, each of these devices can be used with Capable 21C with a couple of key considerations:

No right click

Touchscreens and tablets typically simulate the use of a mouse by touching the screen (either with a finger or a stylus of some kind).  When the screen is touched, the device simulates a mouse-click at that location.  Often these devices also allow simulation of a double-click (by double-tapping the screen) or a click-and-hold (by a double-tap with the second tap held).  However, most of these devices do not have a mechanism to allow for a right-click.

Many of these devices are supplied with supporting software that allows the operator to tap a small area of the screen first (to denote that the next tap will be a right-click) - and then tap the location where the right-click is desired.  If this kind of software is not supplied with the device, it should be purchased.

No keyboard

Touchscreens and tablets typically do not have any keyboard attached to them.  As with the right-click challenge, software can be purchased that simulates the appearance of a keyboard somewhere on screen, and the operator can touch those 'virtual keys' on the screen to simulate typing on a keyboard.

Some more advanced tablet PCs also have handwriting recognition software embedded within them so that the operator can literally write on the tablet with a stylus in the location where they would normally type, and the tablet PC will simulate keyboard operation in that area.  Using the kind of technology typically involves some level of training or practice for an operator to be able to use it effectively.

Detailed Information

Capable 21C is fully supported on a tablet PC or a touchscreen as long as the necessary components have been acquired, installed and practiced to allow the operator to right-click and simulate keyboard entry where necessary.

This knowledge resource is designed for use on a Windows (tm) XP system operating at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. Windows Media Player must be installed for this training resource to operate correctly.

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