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Capable 21C has the ability to print a debtors summary, listing each person's outstanding balance.  This knowledgebase article discusses some settings that control which people are included on the report, and what is printed for each of them.

Underlying challenge

The following settings can be used to alter the behaviour of the report:

  1. The report can include (or exclude) people in credit.
  2. The report can print either a single balance for each person, or it can print both a private and insurance balance separately.

Refer to the resolution section (below) for the adjustable settings and how to control them.


To control whether people in credit are included on the report:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the Statements tab
  3. To include people in credit, tick the box labelled Include credit patients on statement runs.
  4. Click Apply and then Close.

To alter whether Capable 21C prints a single balance, or a split balance:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the Other tab
  3. Click on the Statements system component.
  4. Click on the Debtors Summary One Balance system setting.
  5. Change the value to True for a single balance, or False for a split balance.
  6. Click close (no need to apply).

Detailed Information

On the debtors summary window, the following additional filtering options are available:

To only include people with larger debts (eg to exclude small debts),

  1. Untick the box labelled 'Include clients with debts less than'.
  2. Set the dollar threshold beside the tickbox.
  3. Note that people with smaller debts will no longer have 'OK' in the Filter column.

To exclude people who have paid their account since the closing date of the run:

  1. Tick the box labelled 'Exclude accounts paid since dd/mm/yyyy'.
  2. Note that this feature works in conjunction with the 'Print Invoices Till' date defined in the lower left hand corner of this window.  The date defaults to today's date, so this feature will not have any effect unless the date is changed (and refresh is clicked).

To only include private patients or insurance patients,

  1. Drop down the list where the words 'Print all statements selected' appears.
  2. Choose appropriately.
  3. If Insurance has been selected, the list can be further reduced by nominating a specific insurer as well.
  4. Note that people to be excluded no longer have 'OK' in the Filter column.

To filter out people based on a Patient Category,

  1. Click the Advanced Filter button.
  2. Tick the categories to be included in the print run.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Note that people to be excluded no longer have 'OK' in the Filter column.
  5. Categories can be create via Setup|Setup Categories.
  6. Individual people can be added to/removed from categories via Patient Details (on the Personal tab).
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