Limitations with Checked In People


When a person is checked in, their file may be accessed by several operators, particularly in a network environment. There is some risk that one of those operators may attempt to alter the person’s case number whilst another operator is entering data for that person. If this was allowed to happen, some of the data would be linked to the wrong case number, and can result in cross-linked data between two patient/client files. This article describes the features within Capable 21C to prevent this kind of problem.

Underlying challenge

To prevent case numbers from being altered while a patient/client is checked in, Capable 21C maintains a list of Checked In patients/clients. If a patient/client is on that list, Capable 21C will not allow an operator to alter the case number for that file. This can present challenges for offices that do not exploit Capable 21C’s workflow director and the ‘Patients/Clients Checked In’ window. Refer to the resolution listed below to resolve the problem.


To resolve the problem, Capable 21C needs to be configured to automatically Check Out patients/clients at an appropriate time, so that a) there is still no risk of a case number being altered while an invoice is open, and b) so that patients/clients are automatically checked out as soon as possible. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the Workflow tab.
  • If Visit Notes are being recorded by practitioners, ensure that the ‘Treatment Required for Automatic Checkout’ is ticked. If Visit Notes are not being recorded, ensure that the box is not ticked.
  • It is always advisable for the ‘Invoice Required for Automatic Checkout’ remain ticked.
  • If the office is not exploiting Capable 21C’s workflow director, untick all of the Automatic Assistance Alerts.
  • Click Apply and then Close

Detailed Information

Capable 21C uses the following logic to determine when to Check Out a patient/client:

  • At 5 second intervals, Capable 21C checks the list of Checked In patients/clients.
  • If ‘Treatment Required for Automatic Checkout’ is ticked, and the Visit Notes have not been recorded, the patient/client is left checked in.
  • If ‘Invoice Required for Automatic Checkout’ is ticked, and the Invoice has not been processed, the patient/client is left checked in.
  • If there is an assistance alert on the file, the patient/client is left checked in.
  • If none of options 2, 3 or 4 have been met, the patient/client is automatically checked out.

If the ‘Patients/Clients Checked In’ window is visible, and operator may always manually check out a patient/client by right clicking on the entry on that window and choosing ‘Check Out’ from the menu. If an operator performs this action, none of the tests are performed: the person is forcibly checked out.

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