Mt Glorious

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Some nice photos of Mt Glorious

  1. The Mobil at the Gap.
  2. Some poor fellow who lost it on the first corner.
  3. My favourite corner.
  4. A short straight.
  5. One of the beautful sweepers Mt Glorious is famous for.
  6. The view from the Nebo run (its worth stopping to enjoy it).
  7. Another sharp switch-back.
  8. A sharp corner shortly after Nebo.
  9. Steep downhill switchbacks.
  10. The Locals.
  11. A nice straight after all those corners - I call it 'Radar Straight' (get the hint?)
  12. The view out the other way.
  13. Shall we go back down through Samford? I think not!
  14. Miala's (closed).
  15. Miala's (open).
  16. Nice rainforesty bit.
  17. The little sign.
  18. These can be quite sharp.
  19. I love this kind of road.
  20. What are these concrete things for?
  21. Some weird lines. Its a police plot (or something).
  22. The Sign.
  23. Some other road users.
  24. This maggie has a go at everyone who stops at . .
  25. The T.
  26. Back through Samford.
  27. A moderately sharp U turn (steep downhill).
  28. A very long straight.
  29. The Caltex. A good meeting point.