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When Capable 21C opens the Visit Notes window, it can display thumbnails for all images attached to a patient/client file. As the original images could be particularly large files, Capable 21C has the ability to create and save small thumbnail images of each of the original images. By using the thumbnails, the load-speed of the Visit Notes window is dramatically improved. The thumbnails are automatically generated dynamically by Capable 21C, but it is also possible to use a feature that will re-create all thumbnails immediately. This article describes how to use that feature.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C automatically generates thumbnails for each image when the Images tab of the Visit Notes window is first displayed. It will only generate thumbnails for images that do not already have a thumbnail. For a patient/client file that has many images, this process may take a little time. Once the thumbnails have been generated, subsequent openings of the Visit Notes window will be significantly quicker.

For sites where there are already a large number of pre-existing images, it may take several weeks before all client/patient files have been visited, and all thumbnails have been created. However, it is possible to exploit a feature of Capable 21C to generate all the thumbnails at once. To do this, follow the steps described in the resolution, below.


To generate all thumbnails immediately:

  • Go to the Tools menu and select Create Thumbnails
  • Click the Create button.
  • Note that whilst Capable 21C can create several thumbnails each second, if the office has several hundred images stored on file, it may take up to an hour for Capable 21C to create all the thumbnails.

    Detailed Information

    Thumbnails are created that have the same rotation settings as the original image, and that are scaled to fit the exact size of the thumbnail boxes on the Visit Notes window. If the rotation setting for an image is altered, the thumbnail will be automatically re-created, so there should never be a need to use the Create Thumbnails feature a second time.

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