How to undo a missed appointment


Once an appointment has been flagged as missed, there is a simple procedure to reactivate the appointment if the patient arrives late. This article explains the procedure.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C uses some confirmation windows before undoing a missed appointment. These confirmation windows must be responded to correctly to undo the missed appointment.


To undo a missed appointment:

  • Click on the appointment. The Patient Information Window will appear.
  • Click the Make Appt button. Select the desired appointment type.
  • Capable will advise that a missed appointment already exists, and asks if the user wishes to create a new appointment. Respond by saying ‘No’.
  • Capable will ask if the user wishes to re-activate the missed appointment. Respond by saying ‘Yes’.
  • Detailed Information

    Clinics should consider their office procedures and statistical analysis before encouraging staff to undo missed appointments. Capable 21C produces detailed reports of the number of missed appointments, and tracks missed appointments on each patient file. Once an appointment has been un-missed, it is no longer tracked in either mechanism.

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