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Capable 21C displays a list of historical visits down the left hand side of the Visit Notes window. These visits are numbered, with the intention of making it easier for a practitioner to determine where a patient/client is in their current program of care (or when they’re due for some kind of special visit). There are some configurable settings that alter the way that Capable 21C counts these historical visits. This article discusses these features and how to configure them.

Underlying challenge

Most settings within Capable 21C are retrospective, so that they can be changed, and the operator can immediately look at the screen in question to see how the change affects Capable 21C’s behaviour. Some settings are not retrospective, so the only way to see their effect is to change them, and then use Capable 21C normally for a period of time to determine whether the change is satisfactory.


To make Capable 21C count (or exclude) missed, changed and cancelled appointments from the count:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Click on the Other tab.
  • Click on the Visit Listings system component.
  • Click on the Nth Counts All system setting.
  • Set the value to be True to make Capable 21C count ALL appointments regardless.
  • or; Set the value to be False to make Capable 21C ignore missed, changed and cancelled appointments.
  • Click Close (no need to apply).
  • This change is retrospective, so Visit Notes can be opened immediately to see its effect.
  • To restart the counting from a particular visit:

  • Open the Visit Notes window for the patient in question.
  • Right click on the visit that should be numbered zero (0).
  • Choose the Restart Counting option from the fly out menu.
  • This change is immediate, so its effect can be seen immediately.
  • To configure Capable 21C to automatically restart counting when a particular type of appointment occurs:

  • Go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees.
  • Double click on the Appointment Type when counting will restart.
  • Click on the Workflow tab.
  • Tick the box to have Capable 21C restart counting whenever this appointment type occurs.
  • To have the appointment count as appointment number zero (0) in the count, tick the Inclusive box.
  • or; To have the appointment count as number one (1) in the count, clear the Inclusive tickbox.
  • Click Close.
  • This change is not retrospective. The appointment count will only ever be reset when an invoice is processed for this kind of appointment. To test the functionality, make an appointment for a dummy patient file, and then process it. Open the Visit Notes window to see the effect.
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