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Capable 21C supports sending SMS Messages. To access this service, visit the Capable Software website, follow the links to the SMS Messaging feature, and to purchase a connection and initial credits. Capable Software Pty Ltd will provide notification when the account has been setup. Packages of SMS Messages can then be purchased directly from the Capable Software Pty Ltd website. This article describes how to configure Capable 21C to use the SMS account that has been setup by Capable Software Pty Ltd.

Underlying challenge

The current SMS Messaging feature set is implemented in Capable 21C v1.5.621 or later.  In order to proceed with the instructions in this knowledgebase article, this version (or later) must be installed.

To configure Capable 21C for SMS Messaging, certain information needs to be keyed into the SMS Messaging Setup window.


To configure Capable 21C, go to Setup|Setup SMS Messaging, and enter the appropriate information into the window.

Detailed Information

To configure SMS Messaging via Capable Software:

  • Go to Setup|Setup SMS Messaging
  • Ensure that Capable Software (Managed) is selected as the SMS Messaging Server
  • Key in the SMS Messaging username provided by Capable Software Pty Ltd
  • Key in the SMS Messaging password provided by Capable Software Pty Ltd.  Note that SMS Messaging passwords provided by Capable Software Pty Ltd should always end in the digit '1'.  If the password supplied does not have a '1' on the end of it, add the digit '1' to the end of the password supplied (e.g. ADASDG1).
  • Check that the international prefix is consistent with the country (eg 61 for Australia)
  • Check that the dialback phone number is correct. Note that some clients/patients will elect to respond to SMS Messages with an SMS Message. If their attempt to respond with an SMS is sent back to a normal land-line phone, it will not be delivered. For this reason, it is preferable to either a) have a mobile phone for dialback purposes, b) explain to clients/patients that they cannot respond to an SMS with an SMS, or c) use the office name instead of a dialback number. The dialback number can be alphanumeric, but it must be 11 characters or less.
  • Click OK to save and exit

Capable Software Pty Ltd has worked with several SMS Messaging providers over several years.  These can all be seen on the dropdown list of SMS Messaging Servers.  Note that there are two entries for Capable Software.  One is called Capable Software, and the other is called Capable Software (NEW).  The original of these was sourced through an international provider, and whilst it was the most inexpensive solution, it has not proved to be the most reliable.  The Capable Software (MANAGED) provider offers the best balance between reliability and price.  All accounts created after 1 January, 2010 are created using the Capable Software (MANAGED) provider.

To configure Capable 21C such that all patients receive reminders:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the Other tab
  • Click on the New Patients system component.
  • Click on the setting entitled 'All New Patients Get Reminders'
  • Click on the existing value and change it to -1 (negative 1)
  • Go to the Client Tracking tab
  • Click the button entitled 'Auto Create Reminders'.  Note that this may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Click Close (there is no need to click Apply).

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