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Capable 21C has the ability to transmit e-mails directly to patients/clients if the office has an internet connection and a POP3 e-mail account. This knowledgebase article describes how to configure Capable 21C to be able to use this feature.

Underlying challenge

A POP3 e-mail account is the most common kind of e-mail account that is not accessed via a web browser. For example, a Hotmail account is NOT a POP3 account. Most ISPs provide a POP3 e-mail account when the internet connection is established. To be able to configure Capable 21C to exploit the POP3 e-mail account, certain account details will need to be known. In particular:

  • The e-mail server needs to be known. Eg.
  • A name must be entered that all e-mails will appear to have come from. Eg Your Office Name
  • A reply address must be specified. If a patient/client opts to reply to your e-mail, their reply will be sent to this address. Eg
  • An e-mail account name needs to be known. Eg mb11111
  • An e-mail account password needs to be known. Eg mysecret

This information can be obtained from your ISP. Once these pieces of information have been obtained, review the resolution section below to see how to enter these values into Capable 21C.

If you use Microsoft Outlook (tm) as your e-mail package, you may be able to recover most of the settings from it.  To access the relevant area in Microsoft Outlook, go to Tools | EMail Accounts:

Refer to the following table to assist in translating the Microsoft Outlook terminology to Capable 21C.

Microsoft Outlook Capable
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Email Server
Your Name From Name
E-mail Address Reply Address
User Name Account Name
Password Password


To configure e-mail from within Capable 21C, go to the Setup menu and select E-mail Messaging.

The following window will appear.

Transcribe the information gathered above into the appropriate fields, and click the Test button. Capable 21C will attempt to transmit an e-mail to the Reply Address you have keyed. If the e-mail is transmitted successfully (eg check your e-mail Inbox to see if the e-mail went through), click Close. If the e-mail was not transmitted successfully (eg the test e-mail did not arrive in your Inbox after 15 minutes or so), review the settings to ensure that the correct values have been transcribed and try again.

If you are absolutely certain that the correct values have been keyed, and the test e-mail is still not being transmitted, refer to the Detailed Instructions below for some factors that can prevent e-mail transmission.

Detailed Information

E-mails may not be transmitted by Capable 21C for a number of reasons:

  • A firewall package is designed to stop hackers on the Internet from accessing your computer. Most firewalls also have the ability to prevent malicious programs on your computer from transmitting information to the Internet. If you use a firewall package, it may inadvertently block programs like Capable 21C from transmitting e-mails.
  • Some ISPs offer e-mail facilities, but block the ability to access other e-mail servers. For example, if you use Telstra Bigpond as your ISP, you will not be able to use a non-Telstra e-mail server for sending e-mails. This is intended to make it harder for SPAM to be transmitted through the Internet. Check with your ISP to determine whether they have this kind of policy in place.
  •  Some e-mail accounts are not POP3 compliant e-mail accounts. In particular, Hotmail does not offer a POP3 e-mail service. You will not be able to use a POP3 e-mail account with Capable 21C. Check with your ISP to determine if your e-mail account is POP3 compliant or not.
  • Transient conditions on the Internet can sometimes prevent e-mails from being transmitted in a timely fashion. Always allow 15 minutes before assuming that the e-mail has failed to transmit.
This knowledge resource is designed for use on a Windows (tm) XP system operating at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. Windows Media Player must be installed for this training resource to operate correctly.

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