Service Product Splits


Capable 21C has the ability to split the price of a service/product combination based on a percentage calculation.  This knowledgebase article describes how to enable and configure this feature.

Underlying challenge

The service product pricing split feature must first be enabled, and then services and products must be configured with the appropriate percentage values.  Once this has been done, Capable 21C will automatically ask the required questions, and perform the required calculations during invoicing.


To enable the feature:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the Other tab.
  3. Click on the Receipts system component.
  4. Click on the Enable Service Product Splits setting.
  5. Change its value to True.
  6. Close the Settings window (no need to Apply).

To configure services and products for pricing splits:

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees.
  2. Double click on the desired appointment type.
  3. Go to the Services and Products tab.
  4. Ensure that the desired Service(s) are shown.
  5. Double click on one of the services that is invoiced in tandem with a product.
  6. On the Service Properties window, ensure that the appropriate product is selected as the Secondary Service.
  7. Specify the percentage of the total fee to be applied to the Service.  Capable 21C will automatically calculate the percentage to be applied to the product.
  8. Close the Service Properties window.
  9. Repeat Steps 1-8 for each Service/Product tandem.

Detailed Information

Note that when invoicing, Capable 21C will prompt for the overall fee whenever a tandem service/product is added to an invoice.  This automatic calculation/split of pricing does not apply when invoice items are added to an invoice via Visits and Financials.

Note that Capable 21C may prompt to apply the nominated pricing at the end of the invoice (for example, when Save and Exit or Save and Print is clicked, Capable 21C may say 'Would you like this pricing to apply in future').  If this prompt appears, the operator should always click 'Yes', as if 'No' is selected, the prompt will re-appear next time the patient/client is invoiced - irrespective of the fact that the pricing must be keyed manually for any tandem product/service regardless.

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