Schedules wont print all appointments


When a schedule is printed, Capable 21C automatically determines whether the print the schedule in 3 month format or 12 month format. In the 12 month format, the boxes for each individual day are quite small and do not permit detailed information about the appointments to be displayed. To offset this problem, Capable 21C prints a list of the appointments at the bottom of the schedule. In some cases, not all appointments will be printed at the bottom of the schedule. This article discusses this problem.

Underlying challenge

At the end of the calendar, Capable 21C lists all appointments. However, if there are too many appointments, the last of them will run off the bottom of the page, and may not be printed. The exact number of appointments that will print varies depending on the model of printer, and the paper size/type being used.


Capable 21C prints the appointments in two columns by default. It is possible to alter the configuration of Capable 21C to use three (or more) columns. Some caution should be exercised when doing this, as it is possible that long appointment types may overlap with the other columns printed.

Detailed Information

To change the number of columns used at the bottom of the schedule, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the Other tab. /li>
  • Select the Schedules system component.
  • Select the Printed Schedule Columns system setting.
  • Change the value to 3 (or the number required).
  • Click Close.
  • Try re-printing the desired schedule, and repeat this procedure until a satisfactory result is achieved.
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