Patients checked in for negative time


When a patient/client is checked in, the Patients Checked In window will display the amount of time that the person has been waiting. It is possible for this amount of time to be a negative number. This knowledgebase article explains how this can happen, and how to fix it.

Underlying challenge

When the patient is checked in, the overall system records their check in time based on the PC Clock on the PC that was used to check the patient in. This could be the PC Clock on the main reception PC (if the patient is checked in via a mouse-click), or it could be the PC Clock on a Fingerprint Check-in/Swipe Card Check-in PC. All other PCs will display the amount of time the patient has been waiting based on a comparison between that recorded time, and the time(s) on their own clock(s).

If two of these PCs have clocks with different times, the Patients Checked In window will display different amounts of time. It is even possible that the PCs can display a negative amount of time waiting. /p>


The only resolution to this problem is to synchronise clocks on all PCs.

Detailed Information

Note that it is quite common for a PC clock to lose (or gain) time throughout the course of a normal day. In worst case scenarios, a PC clock can be as much as 60 seconds different each day.

There are services available in office networks with a server PC, and also via some internet based services to automatically synchronise clocks on PCs. Capable Software does not recommend any particular service.

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