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Capable 21C was designed as a patient/client centric application (rather than an invoice centric package). This means that a large portion of its functionality is designed around the concept of managing the patient/client lifecycle rather than just the production of an invoice/receipt. This article explains how Capable 21Cís Patient/Client Tracking features are designed to be configured and used.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C is configured around 9 basic interactions in a patient/client lifecycle:

  • New Patient/Client
  • Acknowledgement of Patient/Client Referral
  • Patient/Client appointments and schedules
  • Patient/Client Birthdays
  • Patient/Client Reminders
  • Patient/Client Bring Ups
  • Patient/Client Recalls
  • Patient/Client File Closure
  • Archiving of Patient/Client files
  • Each of these interactions involves a number of steps for the office to perform. Capable 21C is designed to optimize these activities so that the chance of them being overlooked is reduced, and so that the effort required to action them is reduced.

    This article focuses on items 2 and 4-9.


    To ensure that Capable 21C reminds operators to perform these steps on a regular basis, review the periodic tasks that are configured for Capable 21C. Refer to the companion Knowledgebase Article KB-Birthdays for more information on configuring the periodic tasks, and use of the To Do List for patient/client tracking.

    The terminology for patient/client tracking has specific meanings. These are:

  • Referral A referral is when another person recommends a patient/client to the office. The referrer may be an existing patient/client or may be another person. Capable 21C can also track referral through other sources (eg yellow pages, websites, advertising, etc), but for the purposes of patient/client tracking, this article focuses on referral from another person.
  • Reminders Capable 21C defines a Reminder as contact with a patient/client before their appointment is due. It typically occurs very shortly before the appointment (eg on the same day, or the day before), and is intended to remind the patient/client of their appointment.
  • Bring Ups Capable 21C defines a Bring Up as contact with a patient/client who does not have an appointment. This is particularly relevant for patients/clients who either /li>
  • Do not book another visit at the conclusion of their current visit
  • Book another visit, but fail to attend
  • Recalls Capable 21C defines a Recall as contact with a patient/client who has not booked another appointment as a result of a Bring Up.
  • File Closure Capable 21C defines a File Closure as the last contact made with a patient before their file is archived.
  • Archiving Capable 21C defines archiving a file as marking it as archived. Archived files receive no further communications from the office (other than debt collection). Files may be readily unarchived, and Capable 21C will automatically unarchive a file when there is action on the file.
  • Some other terminology related to patient/client tracking is offered: /p>

  • Confirmed Appointment Capable 21C offers a feature to confirm an appointment. This is intended to be an indication that a Reminder has occurred, and the patient/client has confirmed their intention to attend their appointment. Capable 21C has the capacity to alter the appearance of confirmed appointments, and this can be configured through Setup|Setup Appointment Book Appearance.
  • Cancelled Appointment Capable 21C defines a Cancelled Appointment to be one that is cancelled before it is due to occur. /li>
  • Missed Appointment Capable 21C defines a Missed Appointment to be one that is cancelled after it was due to occur. Note that Capable 21C distinguishes between appointments that have been acknowledged as missed, and appointments that have not been actioned in any way.
  • Changed Appointment Capable 21C defines a Changed Appointment as any appointment that is moved in time by more than 2 hours. By default Capable 21C does not display the original appointment on the appointment book. It only displays the new appointment. This behaviour can be changed by altering the configuration in Setup|Setup Appointment Book Appearance. /li>

    As To Do List items appear for the various kinds of patient/client tracking, they can be actioned by clicking on them. In the first instance, Capable will display a list of patients/clients who are due to receive that kind of contact, and will offer options to print a list of names, print letters, send SMSes or phone the patients/clients.

    As the patients/clients are actioned, they will be removed from the list. There is also an option to purge the list in its entirety with a single click. If this is done, Capable 21C will automatically remove the current action on the patient/client file, and may assign a further action (see below).

    Detailed Information

    When patients/clients are purged from a patient tracking window, the following follow up actions may be created:

  • For Referees No further action is assigned.
  • For Reminders No further action is assigned.
  • For birthdays The date of last birthday card is updated on each patient/client file. Capable 21C will use this date to determine when to send the patient/client a card next year.
  • For Bring Ups A Recall action will be created for a time in the future. The delay before the recall action is set is configured in Setup|Settings under the Tracking tab. Note that it is also possible to alter the behaviour of Capable 21C on the Tracking tab such that it raises a different kind of action in the future.
  • For Recalls A File Closure action will be created for a time in the future. This can be configured as per the Bring Up.
  • For File Closures The file will be archived immediately.
  • Capable 21C makes a determination of the most appropriate means to contact the patient/client based on the following information:

  • Capable 21C checks to see what is the preferred contact mechanism (defined in the Tracking Options tab of Patient/Client Details).
  • Capable 21C checks to see if the file is marked as deceased. If so, Capable 21C ceases all contact.
  • Capable 21C checks to see if the file is archived. There should not be an appointment, reminder, birthday call, bring up, recall or file closure on an archived file.
  • For more information on how Capable 21C mail merges tracking lists with Microsoft Word documents, refer to the knowledgebase article KB-Mail Merges.

    This knowledge resource is designed for use on a Windows (tm) XP system operating at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. Windows Media Player must be installed for this training resource to operate correctly.

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