Obtaining information about old practitioners


When a practitioner leaves the clinic, some offices will be loathe to remove the practitioner from the setup and configuration for fear that historical data for that practitioner may no longer be accessible. Historical data may be obtained about practitioners that are no longer configured in the system. This article describes how to obtain that information.

Underlying challenge

Some of the Capable 21C reports ask the operator to nominate a practitioner. For some of these reports, the list of practitioners to choose from is derived from the list displayed in Setup|Setup Provider details. Some of the reports derive the list of practitioners by looking at historical data to determine what practitioners were operating at the time of the report.


To obtain historical information, go to the Management|Statistical Report function.

On the right hand side of this window, it is possible to nominate the provider either from the list of currently active providers, or from a list that includes past providers. To obtain information about previously configured practitioners:

  • Nominate the desired date range first. Note that the report defaults to the current date.
  • Select the ‘Select from all past Providers’ option. Note that there may be a small delay while Capable 21C retrieves the list of past providers.
  • Choose the desired provider from the dropdown list.
  • Click Print or Preview to generate the report.

Detailed Information

No further detail.

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