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In several reports, Capable 21C indicates the number of New Patients seen during the reporting period. This knowledgebase article discusses how Capable 21C calculates the number of New Patients.

Underlying challenge

There may be many reasons why a person's name might be added to the Capable 21C database. Not all of these reasons mean that the person is a New Patient. They may be a business contact, family member, friend, a referee, or even just a transient patient. Capable 21C uses a particular logic to count the number of New Patients that is intended to overcome this potential problem.


To count the number of New Patients in any particular interval, Capable 21C examines the Appointments that have been processed (eg Completed), and then figures out how many of those appointments are New Patient appointments.

To determine whether an appointment is a New Patient appointment or not, Capable 21C examines the configuration of that appointment type.

To check the configuration of the appointment type, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Appt Types and Fees
  2. On the left hand side, double click on the type of appointment
  3. On the Appointment Type Properties window, examine the tick box entitled 'This type of appointment is for New Patients'

If the box is ticked, Capable 21C considers the appointment type to be for New Patients.

Detailed Information

Note that this logic can result in obscure statistical reports if the various appointment types are NOT configured correctly.

Similarly, this logic can be used to record New Patients very accurately. For example, the office may choose to configure an Appointment Type called 'New Transient Patient', and then indicate that it is NOT for New Patients. This would allow the office's statistics to remain more accurate with respect to Patient Visit Averages and New Patient numbers.

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