Manually Setting Fees


Capable 21C uses a complex algorithm to determine what fees to automatically charge a patient/client for any service. In most cases, it can determine the correct fee to use, but it also supports a feature to allow operators to manually override the fee and key their own amount. This article describes how to enable this feature.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C uses a setting on the Setup|Settings window to determine whether this feature should be enabled or not. It also allows the rights of individual operators to be limited to enable or prevent access to this feature.


Two steps should be taken to enable fees to be set manually.

  • Enable the feature in Setup|Settings
  • Enable the rights of operators to access the feature.
  • Detailed Information

    To enable the feature in Setup|Settings:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the Receipts tab /li>
  • Tick the checkbox for ‘User can set prices during invoicing’.
  • To enable the rights of the operator:

  • Go to Setup|Setup Operators
  • Double click on the desired operator. /li>
  • Go to the password tab.
  • Either set the operator’s privileges to ‘Total Access’, or select ‘Custom access’ and click the Customise button.
  • If Custom Access has been selected, go to the Service Pricing menu, scroll to the bottom of the list, and ensure that ‘Manually Select’ is ticked. Click Close to close the security customization window. /li>
  • Close the operator properties window.
  • Repeat for other operators as needed.
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