Live Update troubleshooting


Before Capable 21C attempts to perform a Live Update, it attempts to contact the Live Update server using the username and password provided by the user to ensure that they are correct. If the system is unable to connect, it reports the error to the user. This article helps to troubleshoot possible causes of the failure to connect.

Underlying challenge

There are essentially 4 reasons that the Live Update procedure will reject your password.

  • You typed the Username and Password Incorrectly
  • You do not have a valid internet connection.
  • The username and password being used for the Live Update may have been invalidated for use (despite you having a current Live Update Subscription).
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a security enhancement that prevents usernames and passwords from being passed to servers via an Internet Explorer connection. This is the exact functionality that Capable 21C uses to validate the username and password provided by the user.

    Microsoft have provided a workaround to this problem in their Knowledgebase Article 834489 , and there is a faster alternative link further in this document.


  • Triple check that you typed the username and password correctly.
  • Check you have an active internet connection by launching your web browser and going to If you can access our home page, then you have an active connection. Do not close this web page, as you will need it Step 3. If you were unable to open this web page, then it is likely that you internet connection is not working correctly. At this point you should cease attempting to perform a Live Update and explore why your internet connection is not working correctly. This may involve contacting your Internet Service Provider.
  • Check your Username and Password are valid (see detailed instructions).
  • Update the Windows Registry by either following the instructions offered by Microsoft to re-enable username and password authentication in HTTP calls, or by simply applying the patch provided by Capable Software Pty Ltd which will do the same thing (see detailed instructions).
  • Very occasionally, steps 1-4 do not resolve the issue and it becomes necessary to manually perform a Live Update (see detailed instructions)

    Detailed Information

    To check your Username and Password are valid:

  • On our homepage (which should still be open in your web browser), click on the link on the left hand side for Live Updates.
  • Click on the Test Your Live Update Now button.
  • Enter the Username and Password you are trying to validate.
  • If the username or password are invalid, the box will refresh back to blank spaces. At this point you should cease attempting to perform a Live Update and contact Capable Software Pty Ltd on (07) 31170559.
  • If the username and password are valid, you will get the message “Congratulations! Your internet username and password are functioning correctly”

    To apply the patch to update the Windows Registry:

  • Click the link provided
  • Choose the option to Open the file.
  • Windows will advise that it has applied the changes to the registry.
  • Restart Windows completely (eg Reboot the computer, which means shutting down your applications, and turning the computer off and then back on). Selecting Restart from the Shutdown menu is acceptable.

    To manually perform a Live Update:

  • Launch Windows Explore (Click Start and then select “My computer”)
  • Double click on Local Disk C:\
  • Double click on the Program Files folder
  • Double click on the Capable folder
  • Rename the file ezupdate.ex_ to ezupdate.exe (If you cannot see a file with the extension .ex_, then go to Tools | Folder Options and click on the view tab, and ensure that there is no tick in the box for “Hide extensions for known file types”). It is important to be able to see the file extension as there is an ezupdate.cfg in that folder, and it is NOT the file you need to click.
  • Double click on the ezupdate.exe file
  • You should now have commenced the Live Update procedure and should be able to follow the prompts.
  • If you are still getting errors at this stage, then you will need to contact Capable Software Pty Ltd on (07) 31170559.
  • This knowledge resource is designed for use on a Windows (tm) XP system operating at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. Windows Media Player must be installed for this training resource to operate correctly.

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