Capable 21C has the capacity to produce very specific lists of patients. This knowledgebase article discusses how to get a list of patients who have been invoiced for insurance services in a given period.

Underlying challenge

For the purpose of tracking third party funded activity, an office may require a list of patients who were invoiced for a third party funded service during a given timeframe.


The custom tracking query feature of Capable 21C can produce very specific lists of patients. Follow the steps below to create a custom tracking query to list the required patients.

Detailed Information

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Custom Tracking Queries
  2. Click the button to add a new one
  3. Give it a useful name (eg ACC Patients)
  4. Paste the following SQL Text

    SELECT [Patient ID], Date AS [Action Date]
    Services ON Receipt.Service = Services.[Service Name]
    WHERE (Services.[Fund Claimable] = 1) AND (Date BETWEEN %dEnter Start Date%d AND %dEnter End Date%d)

  5. Click Close

You can now access the query from the Tools menu

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