Last Digit of Phone lost on Calendars


When Capable 21C prints a calendar (eg schedule of visits), it can print information about the office, including the office phone number. Due to limitations in printers and printer drivers, at some sites the phone number of the office may be cut-off, not showing the last digit of the phone number on the printed calendar. This article describes how to address this problem.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C right-justifies the phone number according to the right hand edge of the printable area reported by the printer’s printer driver. As different printers are able to print closer (or not so close) to the edge of the paper, this positioning dynamically adapts according to the information supplied by the printer driver. At times, this information can be marginally inaccurate – which results in the very last character of the phone number to be printed outside the printable area of the page.


To fix the problem:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the Appointments tab. /li>
  • Change the nominated clinic phone number as follows:
  • Click in the box that displays the clinic phone number
  • Use the arrow keys (on the keyboard) to move to the right hand edge of the phone number.
  • Press the space bar two or three times.
  • Click Apply and then Close.
  • Re-try printing the calendar. Repeat these steps if needed.
  • Detailed Information

    The two or three spaces added are known as white space. This white space artificially moves the phone number a small distance to the left, ensuring sufficient space to allow the full phone number to be printed.

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