Items not in any group on statistical reports


When a statistical report is produced, it may include a section entitled 'Items not in any group'.  This knowledgebase article explains what these items are, and how they can occur.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C groups all services and products into groups.  In the case of services, they are grouped by Appointment Type.  In the case of products, they are grouped by Product Group.  These groupings can be configured via Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees.  If an item is deleted from a group, it is not completely deleted from the database.  Rather, it is disconnected from the group and retained for future reference.  These items can be viewed on the deactivated services tab.

In addition, it is possible that an invoice has been recorded with a line item that has no corresponding product or service configured.  In this case, the item will not be in any group, and it will not appear on the deactivated services tab.  Items such as this can be found and added to the deactivated services tab by clicking the Search for More button on that tab.

The impact of items that are not in any group is not severe.  The statistical report itemises all services and products (at the top of the report) irrespective of whether they are in a group or not.  It can also produce subtotals to show the subtotal of all items in any particular group.  However, these subtotals may not tally neatly to the overall total if there are either:

  • Items that are not in any group; or
  • Items that are in more than one group


Whilst it is relatively safe to ignore the problem, the following steps show how to correct the problem.

  1. Check the suspect item on the statistical report to see if it was intended to be another service, but has a typographical error in it.  Capable 21C can be particularly sensitive to minor typographical discrepancies.  If this is the case, correct the typographical error using Receipt Alteration.  Also note the information in the Detailed Information section (below) on how to prevent this from happening again.

If the suspect item is not the result of a typographical error.

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees.
  2. Go to the deactivated services tab.
  3. Check to see if the suspect item is present.  If the item is present, it should be added to either a product group or an appointment type.  To do this:
  4. Go to the appropriate tab for either appointment types (for services) or product groups (for products).
  5. Open the appropriate group by double clicking on it
  6. Go to the Services and Products tab.
  7. Click the 'Add' button to add the item to the tab.  Do not use the Create button in this instance.
  8. If the suspect item is not present, click the Search for More button and allow Capable 21C to create items for any entries it finds in historical data.  Now, repeat step 3.

Detailed Information

This problem can be caused by a typographical error in the line item on an invoice.  This can occur if an operator has gone to the Receipt Alteration window to correct a line item on an invoice, and has clicked the Alter Type button to correct the line item - but has keyed the new name for line item incorrectly.  Capable 21C can be particularly sensitive to typographical variations in the name of the line item, so it easy for an operator to make this mistake.  To prevent this kind of problem from re-occurring, operators should be instructed to:

  1. Delete the item that is in error.
  2. Add a new item (using the Add button).
  3. Select the desired item from the list (which prevents any possibility of the item's name being miskeyed).
  4. Key the additional details as required.

See also KB-Statistical Reports Show non-existent items.asp

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