Improve Performance for registering new patients


When a patient is first entered into Capable 21C, they are normally assigned a case number that begins with NP. This is known as a temporary case number.  Capable 21C automatically determines the number using two different formulas.  This article describes how to choose which formula should be used by Capable 21C - thereby optimising performance of the function that determines the new temporary case number.

Underlying challenge

When the New Patient/Client button is clicked in the Patient Information and Editing window, Capable 21C searches to find an appropriate NP case number to assign to the new patient/client.  There are two formulas that Capable 21C can use to calculate the new number.  The first formula is known as the Full search.  The second formula is known as the Quick search.

The full search starts at NP0000 and checks every number until it finds an available NP number.  Whilst this technique has the advantage of re-using old numbers when they become available, if there are a large number of patients/clients with NP case numbers, it may take a long time to find an available number.

The quick search starts at the last NP number currently in use and increments by one.  This is significantly faster, but does not re-use old NP numbers when they become available.


To select either the full or quick search:

  1. Go to Setup|Settings.
  2. Go to the Other tab.
  3. Click on the General system component.
  4. Click on the Next NP Search setting.
  5. Change the value to be either Quick or Full as required.
  6. Close the Capable Settings window (no need to apply).

Detailed Information

Capable 21C ships with the setting set to Full.

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