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Occasionally, Capable 21C will show too much credit on a patient/client file. This may be due to untrusted data converted from another system, or because a payment was processed in error. This article explains what procedure to follow to remove excess credit from a patient/client file.

Underlying challenge

In general, if the excess credit on a patient/client file is the result of a recognisably incorrect payment, the best way to correct the problem is to correct the faulty payment. However, on occasion, the credit may be from a very old payment, from a database conversion or a combination of many small credit amounts. In the situation where it is unwieldy to correct the faulty credit(s), the preferred approach is to apply a Journal Debit.


To apply a journal debit:

  • Create a product group called Journals.
  • Create a product in that group named Journal Debit.
  • Raise an invoice for the patient/client using the new Journal Debit product.
  • Detailed Information

    To create a new product group:

  • Go to Setup|Setup Product Groups.
  • Click the button to create a new product group. /li>
  • Name the product group ‘Journals’.
  • Click the Apply Button.
  • To create a new product:

  • Switch to the ‘Products’ tab.
  • Click the button to ‘Create a New Product’.
  • Name the new product ‘Journal Debit’.
  • Tick the boxes to ensure that this product is applied to both private and insurance invoices.
  • Ensure that the ‘GST Chargeable’ tick box is not checked.
  • Ensure that the ‘Included in normal patient/client stats’ tick box is not checked.
  • Close the Product Properties window.
  • Close the Product Group Properties window.
  • To raise an invoice for the journal debit:

  • Go to Patient/Client Visits History.
  • Click in the left hand box and choose the option to raise an invoice for specific date.
  • Click OK to accept today’s date.
  • Select an appropriate practitioner to apply the debit for.
  • Select Products and choose the Journal Debit option.
  • Key the amount of the journal debit and click Ok.
  • Close the Patient Visits History window.
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