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Capable 21C supports the notion that an individual service (or product) may be charged at different rates for Adults, Students, Pensioners, Children, etc.  This concept also forms the basis for Capable 21C's system of charging differing rates for services funded by third parties (such as Veteran's Affairs).  This knowledgebase article describes how to customise the list of fee types.

Underlying challenge

When Capable 21C starts an invoice, it automatically populates the invoice with services taken from the appointment type that was used to spawn that invoice.  For example, a New Client appointment type will have default services such as 'Initial Consultation'.  Once the service(s) have been added to the invoice, Capable 21C calculates the fee to be used on each line item.  Refer to How Capable 21C calculates Fees for more information about how Capable 21C determines the prices for the line items.

Note that if the Patient/Client Classifications feature has been enabled, the fee will be calculated based on the classification of the Patient/Client.  The available classifications can be altered using the same procedure described in the resolution section (below).  Refer to Patient Classifications for more information about how classifications work.

Once the invoice is visible on screen, the operator can alter the prices on the line items by clicking on them.  This produces a menu of available Fee Types (eg Student, Pensioner, Normal, Insurance, etc).


To alter the standard Fee Types shipped with Capable 21C:

  1. Go to Setup|Setup Fee Types.
  2. Left click on a Fee Type to select it.
  3. Right click on the Fee Type to either rename it or delete it.
  4. If required, click the New Fee Type button to create additional Fee Types.

Once Fee Types have been altered, go to Setup|Setup Appointment Types and Fees to review and update Fees associated with the various Fee Types.

Detailed Information

Note that the Normal Fee and the Insurance Fee may not be renamed or deleted.

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