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Some customers may notice a degradation in performance after Live Updating to versions of Capable 21C above 1.5.550. This knowledgebase article offers a solution to customers which increases the performance of Capable 21C.

Underlying challenge

Every appointment and receipt created in Capable 21C creates an entry in the underlying MS Access database tables. In later versions of Capable 21C, some features (created in response to customer request), require the software to make complex calculations accessing the appointments and receipts tables. When there are many years of appointments and receipts stored in the table, this can cause significant delays in being able to access vital areas of the program. (e.g. making appointments, accessing Patient Information and Editing, and Visits and Financials).


Ultimately, the way to fix this is to reduce the number of appointments and receipts stored in the underlying MS Access database. To do this, there is now a Consolidate and Archive Tool within Capable 21C. This tool will allow you to consolidate data prior to a certain date, down to one financial entry in the receipt table that is the patient balance as at the date consolidated to. E.g. You can consolidate everything up to 2 years ago, and one entry in Visits and Financials which will reflect the correct patient balance as it was at that date).

It is important to understand that once this has been done, the previous data is deleted. Therefore it is imperative that you take several back-ups, and take the time to check that the back-ups have been successful and that you can restore your data and open it in Capable 21C. Capable Software Pty Ltd accepts NO liability for any loss of data resulting from the use of the Consolidate and Archive feature.

Detailed Information

To perform a Consolidate and Archive:

  1. You must be using Capable 21C Version 1.5.596 or greater. If you are not on V1.5.596 or later, you must do a Live Update before proceeding.
  2. Perform several back-ups and ensure that the data has been successfully backed up, and can be successfully restored and opened in Capable 21C.
  3. Perform a Compact and Repair of the Capable 21C database:
  4. Click on Tools|Repair Capable Database in Capable 21C.
  5. Call Capable Software Pty Ltd and obtain the password required to perform a Consolidate and Archive. Note that this password is only valid until midnight each day, so you need to ensure that you get the password from us during our business hours, and that you perform the Consolidate and Archive before midnight that day. If you are unable to, then you need to call us again and explain that you did not use the previous password, so that we can re-issue a new one.
  6. Perform the Consolidate and Archive:
  7. Choose File|Consolidate and Archive within Capable 21C.
  8. Read the message and disclaimer and Click Yes to proceed.
  9. Key the password provided by Capable Software Pty Ltd.
  10. Key the date for the consolidation. NOTE that the date you enter here, is the date before which you want all appointments and receipts consolidated. E.g. if you want to consolidate everything before Jan 2006, you enter 31-12-2005. DO NOT enter today’s date. Capable 21C will then spend time consolidating the data. This can take a long time. With larger databases, this can take several hours. You will know when it is finished because you will get an on-screen message saying Consolidation Complete.
  11. Perform another Compact and Repair:
  12. Click on Tools|Repair Capable Database in Capable 21C.

You have now successfully Consolidated and Archived your data, and you should see increased performance as a result.

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