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Capable 21C has the ability to display patient/client names in a number of different formats. This knowledgebase article describes how to configure this feature.

Underlying challenge

There are five (5) fundamental usages of patient/client names within Capable 21C. These are:

  • On search screens (eg patient search).
  • On the appointment book (and in appointment book printouts). /li>
  • On the fingerprint/swipe card check in PC (visible to the patient/client).
  • On the workflow director PC (also visible to the patient/client).
  • On printed reports.
  • For each of these usages, there are a wide range of options to choose from that include:

  • First name
  • Middle name(s)
  • Salutation /li>
  • Surname
  • Second surname (for European countries).
  • Resolution

    To configure Capable 21C to display and use names appropriately:

  • Go to Setup|Settings.
  • Go to the New Clients tab /li>
  • Change the settings as desired.
  • Click Apply, and then Close.
  • Detailed Information

    Note that appointments are created at a date and time according to the settings at that time. Appointments that are visible on the appointment book will not update immediately when the setting is changed. All new appointments made after the setting is changed will be affected. Also appointments for patients/clients whose name is altered (via Patient Details) will update immediately to the new format.

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