Cashing Up and Banking Slips


Capable 21C tracks the figures for a shift independently of the figures produced for banking slips. This can be convenient as takings are rarely banked after every shift. However, it can raise some confusion situations if the banking needs to be prepared in the middle of a shift. This article discusses how Capable 21C tracks shift figures and banking figures.

Underlying challenge

Capable 21C maintains an internal record of when the last banking slip was produced. This way, at any time, the next banking slip can be produced, and all takings since the last banking slip will be displayed. However, Capable 21C only include cheques on this banking slip that have been cashed-up. This means that if a banking slip is produced in the middle of the shift, by default, it will include the Cash takings from the partially completed shift, but not the cheques. See the resolution section below for more detail.


During the course of a normal shift, cheque data is stored with the original invoice. When the shift is cashed up, this data is copied to a special cheque holding area for banking slips. When the banking slip is produced, it retrieves information from the special cheque holding area.

This means that whilst a banking slip can be produced at any stage, it will only show the cheques that have actually been cashed up. If there is a need to produce a banking slip in the middle of the shift, and the cheques from that shift are to be included in the banking slip, the following procedure will need to be followed:

  • Cash up the shift. This will copy the cheques to the special holding area.
  • Produce the desired banking slip. /li>
  • Start another shift.
  • At the real end of the shift, cash up normally.
  • In step 3, it is possible to re-open the shift that was just closed. However, it is important to be aware that the money in the till will not match the figures reported by the final cash up as some money will have been removed to go with the banking.

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